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 Google ads are introducing a new policy to place an embargo on ads for unproven.

Examples of such technologies reported by Google include stem cell therapy, non-stem cell therapy, and gene therapy.

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The new policy will prohibit the sale of advertisements that do not have a biomedical or scientific approach.

Also, advertising processed without official clinical trials will be prohibited even based on actual scientific results.

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Google ads explained why this policy change was implemented:

“…we are seeing an increase in the number of villains trying to benefit people by providing untested misleading treatments. Often, these treatments can have negative health consequences, and we don’t think they are on our platform.” Every state. “

Experts in this area, such as the International Stem Cell Research Society, support Google’s new policy and call it “a necessary step in limiting the commercialization of unethical medical products.”

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Google will continue to allow search ads in this area, such as clinical trials and search results ads.


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