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 Google is officially discontinuing the old version of Search Console. Now, the users of the Search Console will be redirected when they will try to access the old version.

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to help optimize their site. Google’s new Search Console offers website owners enhanced features, including better data visualization and more detailed insights.

There needs to be a one-on-one replacement in the search console for each previous tool and report. So Google will still be keeping these alive for now:

  • Remove URLs tool
  • Crawl stats report
  • Robots. txt testing tool
  • URL parameters tool
  • International Targeting
  • Google analytics association
  • Data highlighter tool
  • Messages report
  • Crawl rate settings
  • Email Preferences
  • Webtools

Google has launched a new version of Search Console with updated features, making it easier for website owners to monitor and optimize their sites. Google has introduced a new version of its Search Console, providing webmasters with improved data and tools to optimize their websites.

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Google took this opportunity by joining his team and taking a group photo in front of the old search console interface. Google has released a new version of its Search Console.

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