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 Google Ads Editor version 1.1 has been rolled out, which includes updates to optimize design and usability.

New features in the latest version of Google Ad Editor include:

Image Picker: In addition to selecting an image on your desktop, you can view and choose a previously used image. Alert and error checks are displayed as thumbnails before selecting an image.

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Dark Mode: Click the month icon in the bottom right to enable dark mode. To return to light mode, select the sun icon.

IP Exclusions: Add and update IP exclusions to ensure consistency across settings excluding IP addresses when copying and pasting campaigns.

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Account Manager: You can now manage multiple accounts more efficiently by using the Account Management checkbox, where users can select and open multiple accounts. Google Ads Editor has introduced four new features that make campaign management even more efficient. Read on to learn about these updates and how they can help streamline your Google Ads campaigns. With the latest version of Google Ads Editor, you can save time and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Google Ads Editor has recently released four new features that aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing Google Ads campaigns. These features include


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