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 Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid.SEO and PPC can work together for strong points, particularly when optimizing your Google Ads. In this post, Faizan Akram explains how you can control the power of SEO and PPC for a better Google experience overall.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO and PPC aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, there are so many ways the two search disciplines can run together for strong points, particularly when it comes to improving your Google Ads. In this post, we’re tickled pink to welcome Faizan Akram as he explains how you can control the power of both SEO and PPC for an extremely good Google experience overall.

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Hey, A One Sol readers. My name is Faizan Akram, and today I’m going to talk about PPC, and I know you’re taking read, “This is an SEO blog. What are you getting ready here talking about?”

However, my intention for 2019 is to draw together SEO and PPC folks because SEO can pick up a lot from PPC, and ofcourse, PPC, you also can find a lot from SEO. I know PPC specialists are like, “We just do pay. It’s so nice.” But believe me, both SEO and PPC can work together. In our agency, we offer both SEO and PPC service, and we have worked with several companies with one employee, sometimes two, and they easily do everything well.

What we love to do is help them to run ads campaigns well. Here are the tips for you on the things we face every time we get started working with a new Ads account that we have fixed successfully. Hopefully, now I can tell you how we end up fixing this so that you may not have to call a digital marketing agency to fix it for you. The thing is, in point of fact, a much longer piece than I could provide in this post. Meanwhile, there is only too much room.

So, if you’re interested in learning much more about search engine optimization, there is a blog post, Beginner’s Guide to SEO, on our website. Please check that out, and that has a full guide.

1. Too many keywords

The first thing to know is too many keywords. Everyone sees this many times where folks, in Big G, it says ensure to put together keywords that come with the same sort of theme.

However, your theme can be specific, or it can be inexact. This is an example, a perfect example that our PPC experts got, where the keyword examples were all attorney themes, so “defense attorney,” criminal attorney,” “DUI attorney,” and “sexual assault attorney.” Exactly, they all come with the same theme of “attorney,” but that’s way too indeterminate for it to get all in one ad group, because which ad are you about to display?

“We are attorneys. Call us.” It’s too imprecise to have. An example would be their “DUI attorney,” which I think is, in fact, an extremely competitive niche, and then what you can do is [dui attorney],

[dui lawyer Seattle]

, and then “DUI attorney” and +dui+attorney+Seattle spoke up almost differently. I’ll clear it up in a second. You could keep a lid on much more by getting this topic and breaking it down into more particular ad groups.

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Although this is a compatible theme in all the tips, I go on much more. Keep a tight rein on where you’re putting your money, what keywords you’re investing into, what your ads are, and having a well-developed landing page to ad match, which is also critical. So, taking it in all ad groups makes your ad live uncomplicated. I know it may seem not very comforting. It’s like, “Well, I have five ad groups right now. If I take your tips seriously, I’ll have 50 or more than it.”

But at once, it’s easier to carry on with 50 well-organized groups than it’s to run 5 worst-organized groups. Not lose sight of the fact.

2. Picking the right match type

The next thing to learn is picking the right match type. However, you can pick out here I’ve gotten here this bracket stuff and this phrase stuff and these plus signs too. There are 4 match types.

Broad match – Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

So, there’s a broad match. This is dreadful, and you shouldn’t use it ever. Meanwhile, you’re writing the keywords, and then Big G shows whatever it sees is relevant to that search. For example, we’ve come across examples where it’s like a food company, and they would have “food” as a keyword; they’re appearing for all types of keywords in food where they don offer their food services, so searching for the food that doesn’t provide the food. Or they’re putting money into totally irrelevant stuff. Never think about the broad match being good to spend money on.

Broad match modifier (BMM) –Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

The improvement from that’s named broad match modifier or BMM, and that’s where these + signs come in. So, these are the words DUI, attorney, and Seattle in any sequence. However, all words will have to hold sway, and other things could prevail. It can be, “I need a DUI attorney in Seattle.” “I live in Seattle. I need a DUI attorney.”That’s also perfect and will work for that particular phrase.

Keyword match –Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

The next thing is the keyword, and that’s in the quotes. Let’s take “DUI attorney” as an example here, and after that, you write anything before this keyword, or you can write anything after this phrase, but you shouldn’t write anything between it. Nonetheless, it can’t be “DUI who is actuallygood at being an attorney,” for example. It’s nonsense. Weak example, but you’ve got an idea. So, remember that you don’t need to put stuff in the middle of a keyword match.

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Exact match –Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

The next type is the exact match. That’s what added the brackets here, so this is just those phrases and nothing else. If I get

[dui attorney]

, this keyword if I didn’t get [dui attorney Seattle], this phrase might not exist if some person searches [dui attorney Seattle]. Though, that’s as particular as possible. It would help if you used that for your most competitive keywords.

This is worthy stuff because you shudder at spending like water on anything irrelevant to that specified search. This is your personal; it’s costly for every click. On the other hand, I’ve been ensured that I’m earning the most possible for those clicks. That’s where you love to make use of the exact match.

3. Only a single ad per group

Next, great tips. Next, we notice several people who have only a single ad per group.

Instead of having 1 ad per group, have at least 3 per group.

Although this isn’t a piece of advice, this is a criticism. What’s to consider now is that you look for it’s complicated for management, but the truth is that it’s hard to find what’s about to work if you aren’t always testing; how are you going to figure out if you could perform well? Make sure to put at least 3 ads in 1 group.

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Don’tforget to add emotional triggers into your ad copy

After that, see your ad copy. However, we have many common things, like, “We are great attorneys. Call us now.” So, no one will even think to call those people. It’s time to think about how you may add those emotional triggers to your copy. If you work in-house, check over with your client or your working team, and discover the keywords internet users say when they call. What are the phrases or keywords where people say, “Wow, you’re actually helpful to me” or, “I was feeling likethis and then you pop up, and I just loved it so much.”

This can help add interest to your ads. But we don’t like to get too fancy with this. However, we love to make something that’s about to assist you to stand out. It’s a moment for you to add those emotional triggers into your ad copy at any cost.

Make sure to have a call to action –Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure to have a call to action, which looks basic because you reckon it’s an ad. If you can click it, that’s called a call to action. But sometimes, internet users do not necessarily realize this. You want to say, “You know what?” Just give me a call or send me an email, or we provide services 24 hours a.”

Just be very specific about how you want people to act when they see your ad. Spell it out for them. Does it seem silly? Don’tworry. Just tell them. Spell out what you hanker after them to do. That’s all you want to do.

Add extensions! –Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Our next topic is adding extensions. Let’s confirm you add in all of the extensions. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, Google provides a section named Extensions Google Ads. Meanwhile, these are the features like when the address appears under an ad, or you’ve acquired those little links that show up, or you’ve got some person showing in the ad. We provide services 24 hours a, for example. However, different types of extensions are out there to use. Now, what’s to do is put all the extensions you probably can for your every group.

Then they might not activate all at once, but there are chances they could activate. If they trigger it, that offers your ad more real estate versus your competitiveness, which is useful on mobile because ads cover up too much space at the top of mobile searches. You need to confirm to shove your competitiveness as far as you can down that search so that you may have as much property as possible. The thing I want to share with you is seeing folks doing wrongly with extensions, although it is setting up extensions at the campaign level, and after that, you might own different ad groups that take forward different themes.

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Let’s move again to this example over here, with different attorneys, supposing you owned an extension, which particularly comes from DUI law. It was activating on say criminal law. So, you don’t like that existing. You confirm that you have complete domination on your different extensions, so you’re displaying the accurate extensions, having had the right phrase and correct ad. Another thing I know is many people come with location extensions, and they’re putting the location extensions where they don’t need to display all the location extensions.

You’ve taken an ad group for, say, Karachi, and it’s all about the new shop development that you have, and because you trigger in all of your location extensions, and all of a sudden, you’re displaying extensions for something in Lahore. It happened when you didn’t filter accurately. Check more than once to confirm that you’ve got your filters set up correctly for your location extensions, and ensure that you’re displaying the exact location extension for the accurate ad.

Google says, “We’ll choose the location closest to the customers.” But you’re totally out of view where that internet user is searching. They could be present in Lahore at the time and searching for a new shop built in Karachi, as maybe they are making up their mind to move from Lahore to Karachi. Meanwhile, you will never want them to find the stuff that’s there. You want them to discover the stuff that’s at the place where they are planning to be. Make sure you handle that.

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4. Keep display and search separate

Last but not least, keep display and search separately.

By default, Google so usefully says, “We’ll be just displaying your ads wherever you want.” Undoubtfully, it’s so helpful. This is what I love everyone to perform.” Never think to do that. Google makes money through this. Meanwhile, it’s not going to make money for you. Thereason behind it is a display network, where you go to a website and then look at an ad, as well as a search network when you go for typing in the stuff and you find an ad; these are two quite various techs.

Do show text ads on the display network for greater campaign control.

Through this, you’ll face a bit of a different experience. Honestly, if you get your search campaigns that are text-based ads, then you display them on a site; you’re presenting an uninteresting text ad on a site, having 40 blinky thinks, and clicking here. People are perhaps not getting us, and maybe they activated an ad blocker. Even if they are, definitely your text ad that is uninteresting, boring, and not intentional for that medium, it isn’t about to be what you wish to be.

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You’re just throwing your money like water because, in the end, you will get lower relevancy, a few clicks, and then Google considers that your group is bad. And also, you have to invest more money because Google thinks your group badly. However, it provides extra handling by saying, “This is the search campaign. It’s just on search. This is a display campaign. It’s just on display.” Keep both completely separate. After that, you come with control over the search ads being for search and the display ads being for display.

It’s not good to mix those two up. Before doing anything, confirm to uncheck that by default. Surely there are a lot of tips on our blog here. But I’m very hopeful that this will help you more than you think. SEO: If you’ve not displayed a PPC campaign in your life, I recommend you take a step to set one up. Put 100 dollars behind that thing. Try it out now because I know that only understanding how people search will help you run your ad accurately. We get fewer and fewer keyword data from various tools we take to understand what folks are searching on search engines, and ads return some of that data.


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