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A One Sol is an inbound web marketing, analytics, and optimization company with an office in Sahiwal, Pakistan. We work for companies to exactly track their advertising results, take more leads, and get more sales from the website.

Do you own a business? Do you have ambitious growth goals? Are you looking for a partner to help you measurably boost your marketing achievements? Do you want to get more leads and sales from your website? Yes! You are in the right place.



What do you get when you unify a mechanical engineer and NUST MBA with an online marketing expert? An online marketing engine capable of maximizing leads and sales as well as growing businesses – fast. A One Sol was founded in 2011 by Faizan Akram with the help of Durrab Zafar Minhas. Durrab founded a sports company, a two-time Inc. 500 company and the largest privately-owned company in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. While working as Durrab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Faizan helped Durrab develop an excellent system to accurately track and measure every single marketing campaign and advertising campaign employed by Durrab’s sports business (including the website). Today, Durrab’s sports company keeps on to be one of the most effective and successful locally owned sports companies in Pakistan.

If Durrab’s contribution to A One Sol was a structure to analyse businesses and utilize data to optimize them, Faizan’s contribution was to utilize the web to supercharge their growth. With Durrab’s support and buy-in, Faizan transformed his sports company into an internet marketing powerhouse. Using data getting from what is now marketing analytics platform of A One Sol, Durrab eliminated almost $100,000 in Yellow Page print ads per year. Faizan used this money to convert Durrab’s “brochure-type” site into a fully optimized lead generation system with an e-commerce component. However, online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and Email represents Durrab’s sports company top marketing strategies – producing more leads and sales than every other marketing strategy combined.

Today, Faizan and A One Sol go on with to manage, optimize and maintain multiple websites for Durrab’s sports company in Pakistan, including several e-commerce online stores.


At A One Sol, we have a single most important goal is to help business owners and marketing executive with technology and the internet to significantly boost their marketing performance, achievement and ROI. This gets going by specifically tracking every advertising technique – so even your only advertising strategy is your company website. Tracking every single advertising will bring you never-seen-before insight about your business. It will change your way of thinking about advertising and marketing forever. A One Sol provides clients with the tracking and the insight which give you a green signal to eliminate unsuccessful advertising strategies and to quickly bring news marketing strategies which have the benefit to assist you cost-effectively improve your business. We will let you see opportunities to get more return from strategies you are already using – like your company website. A One Sol has worked for dozens of websites to double, triple, and even quadruple the visit-to-lead conversion rates of their websites.

However, accurate measurement, as well as tracking (marketing analytics), is the first step towards boosting your marketing. Meanwhile, technology is driving continued developments in how much detail could be a show about your business.

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Whether it’s small or big, every type of business can use the internet as a sales and marketing tool and get benefit from accurate ad tracking and marketing measurement, business-to-consumer service-type companies get the most of the benefit. At this moment, A One Sol has served almost every B2C services industry, including clean energy, automotive industry, solar panels, cargo companies, and roofing companies. Whether you want to invest in advertising or have a website, A One Sol can help you measurably maximize your performance. The performance increases we generate, all the time, exceed investment in our service (duh!).

Get through our marketing optimization blog or check out our marketing optimization case studies to learn more.


If you take just one thing away from our website, make it this – Both more accurately tracking every single strategy and most importantly the strategy of your website can incredibly improve your advertising achievements and marketing performance.

When speaking to the people of the company and potential clients, it’s usual to hear them let us know that they up to now track everything by asking their potential customers the infamous “How did you get us?” question. The source of trouble with this approach is that responses are worst, and complete misleading. Consider it truthful. Because our professionals have tracked it. They found as many as 40% of the replies to that question are untrue or inaccurate.

If you take only two things away while visiting our website, after the first take-away, make the simple fact that whatever you will be doing you have to maximize the visibility of your company on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It’s a real estate game. It looks like the board game Monopoly. Go to Google type a query that you think someone may use to find a service or product in your industry. You’re seriously losing your prospective customers to your competitors when you don’t find your business at least two times on the first page. Period. The most powerful and productive sales, as well as a marketing tool, is the internet.

Yet, most of the small-sized businesses and big sized businesses owners are using it to the fullest extent possible. Time after time, we see a lot of companies look on their website and their internet marketing strategy added later. On the other hands, it’s so easy to see why because this modern new world is rapidly progressing in terms of advertising options and overall complication.

From visiting our website (A One Sol), if you take 3 things away, consider this. How much it can cost you to hire a full-time employee, with a lot of online marketing and analytics experience, to implement and cover all of your marketing measurement performance, online advertising programs and website? First of all, the question is what could you find that kind of experienced employee? How long can that search take? How long would it take to bring that person up to speed? How long would it take before you could inform even so he or she was “the one”? With benefits, you will be looking at a minimum of $7,000 – $9,000 per month excluding any of the technology or tools, PPC budget or SEO budget that must be required to achieve top performance and efforts.


Our sales pitch is straightforward: we treat and market your business as if it’s our business. We offer a “do-it-for-me” service that will measurably boost your complete marketing ROI. We begin by your marketing strategy – even so, your marketing strategies include only website and referrals. The foundation of everything we perform is accurate tracking. Our professional teams quickly understand through tracking what type of your business performance is – from an owner’s view.

We have a tracking process that discovers never-before-seen insights about your business and your marketing. What we do with these insights which are combined with our online marketing strategies and website optimization is to remove unsuccessful marketing strategies, bring more qualified visitors to your web and convert visitors into leads and sales. Why we do all of this? We do necessarily become your surrogate VP of marketing – for less than the price of a single-entry level employee.


If you live in Sahiwal and want to learn everything about how A One Sol can help you boost your marketing achievements, then our marketing seminars. A One Sol host one seminar in a month. Our topic range is from successful PPC management to search engine optimization 101. We teach you how to use social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your business. Learn more or register no

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