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A short time ago, Google’s John Mueller said people must keep URLs under 1000 characters.

This issue was mentioned in Google’s central webmaster chat when analyzing the length of SEO URLs.

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There are very few URLs, but not more than 1000 characters, but not impossible. Several factors, such as settings and subfolders, can increase the URL length.

When does URL length affect SEO? URLs Under 1000 Characters.

You can only worry about the URL length once you have around 1000 characters.

That is, there is enough workspace. This means that URLs should generally be short and only used as necessary.

The browser can handle URLs up to 2000 characters. That’s why the 1000-character limit we set is particularly exciting.

Mueller might have posted a random number, but I’ve already mentioned this number before.

In 2009, in response to a discussion on the Google Help Forum, Mueller said:

“Of course, we can track and index URLs that contain more than 1000 characters, but that does not mean good practice.

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Keep a short URL but do not worry if it’s a little long. Suppose less than 1000 characters are provided.

Listen to the full text of Müller at 42:39 in the video below.

“These are different URL structures for some locations. Some sites use settings, and others use file name folders. Performance is a bit different for everyone.

What is important to us is that you can use this URL to analyze, index, and extract the content with this URL. How do you decide which URL to use recently?

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I only need to know that it should be less than 1000 characters and that you may have to work hard to make long URLs. 

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