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 Google is now giving all advertisers the go-ahead to buy YouTube masthead ads following an effective beta test in select markets. Ads would be available to pick up on a CPM basis.

Until the beginning of this year, the only way to buy a headline on YouTube was to spend a whole day under control. Everyone who visits YouTube on a specific date will see the ad.

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This option is still available, but the cost of publishing a shared ad during the day is only possible for some advertisers.

Not to mention that when buying advertising, there are no targeting options. It shows everyone, so advertisers can see ads to see them.

Now all advertisers can buy YouTube headers (CPM) and use advanced audience solutions to customize viewers.

“Thanksto the advanced placements on YouTube’s homepage, guaranteed coverage, andprice per thousand impressions, the ability to influence Masthead has neverbeen so strong.”

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Google noted that these loans would remain reserved sites, even when shopping on a CPM basis. Approximately one to seven days after the display of the advertising campaign, we guarantee impressions.

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