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 I want to start this article by saying that you can enter statistics for any SEO tool. All essential tools have methods for measuring critical parts of global linkers and SEO specialists.

As my experience shows, domain credentials are mistakenly considered an accurate measure of Google.

Domain Name Management (DA) is how Moz describes the site rating from 0 to 100. The higher the DA, the higher the probability of theoretical ranking.

We use different measurement values ​​and have used Moz metrics for many years. Most of our customers use Moz, so we are the same.

Most are not because I do not know why we do not.

In the end, we use what is most important to us. It has nothing to do with anything else.

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Third-party metrics are not the only measurement values ​​for a site.

If you want to use measurement values, select one and stick to it, no matter which one you want.

Please do not use it as the only indicator on your site.

Please distinguish this from real Google statistics.

Regardless of the month, I understand that 75% of the information requests I receive in the Inbox folder are domain permissions.

This can be from “We need links DA 50 +” to “Can you guarantee that alllinks have DA 60?”

I tried to answer, “We do not use these specific measurements,” to see what would happen.

What is the result? I told this man that no one answered me.

Then Tried to answer: “We do not use these indicators, therefore …” which caused a lot of reactions. (“Why” just because we use the tools used by our customers, just for reference.)

My problem is that no one has found a specific number in another tool.

Why is that?

When a potential client needs a specific Trust Flow topic, I wonder if I received the letter.

Of course, many people use the metrics of other tools in their recommendations, but no one will immediately use measurements other than DA.

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Third-party metrics do not match the PageRank

I recently spoke with potential customers, during which I explained how we analyzed the site.

She asked me why we stopped using DA because “it’s closest to Google PageRank, right?”

We do not know

This is the main problem for the DA. It is not from Google.

This comes from a company that has no action.

Moz also said that Google did not use DA.

“Domain access rights are not the metric used by Google to determine search ranking sand do not affect the output of search results.”

Why is this so confusing?

(I guess) Some of the problems that confuse people are the word “authority” and the fact that DA is the authority of the domain name. The word is mighty, and it is reasonable to use it for marketing.

When people talk about authority, they talk about a concept that cannot be easily measured immediately.

I recently said this in a webinar:

“…power is difficult to measure, I use this term, but I suspect that I can explain what I mean, haha, I mean that there are authorized sites, such as the New York Times or CNN, but there are also some on-sites that have authority on music but may not be ranked by Rolling Stone or its neighbors.

MarkTraphagen has a very compelling article. This is especially noticeable to me:

“Google used to display versions of PageRank for Google Toolbar users, but they no longer do this, while many SEO experts use third-party calculations, such as:

  • Domain permissions and permissions page Moz.
  • Majestic meeting and self-confidence.
  • Classification of domain names and URLs for Ahrefs.

Each of these metrics can help you evaluate the benefits of a page and give you an accurate estimate of the number of pages launched by PageRank.

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However, it would help if you understood that there are only retrospective assessments of how authoritative Google sees a domain name or page, not the actual PageRank presentation.

It is also essential to know that only some of these tools provide a complete picture of all links on the Internet.

Unlike Google, these tools do not explore the entire network’s infrastructure. They focus on finding relevant links to specific websites or web pages. “

These are not the right PageRank views – SEO

This is the bulk.

Google John Mueller also said domain authority is a “Moz tool.”

A few days ago, I found a tough (and long-term) client who would automatically send money at a lower price if he still needed to meet his minimum measurement value.

I found five good sites and entered the top 30 of my keywords.

They all seem like suitable investments that customers want. Unfortunately, they still need to reach their measurement value.

In this case, it is not the domain administrator but the Majestic Trust Flow. I asked a friend to contact a lawyer, and everything did not succeed.

But the site is classified very well, and after viewing traffic forecasts, your traffic looks healthy.

Why avoid creating links to the best sites that generate good traffic?

Oh yeah, the indicator is not good enough.

(I opened this case to this client and others because, at first, he was careful, but he was a man who did not want to move).

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Updated domain permissions some time ago to make it more accurate and helped eliminate most spam sites.

About a month ago, when I was still using Moz, I took a small portion of our website in the “Do Not Contact” and “Confirm” databases to find out what your DA is now.

I hope prosecutors are very weak on these sites because many are in our database. They continue to send emails to anyone who provides commercial links to emails and sells them almost entirely on their website. link

Surprisingly, about 75% of our era still exceeds 30.

When I entered this database, I registered its current AD and stayed some time in this initial AD many years later.

What does this tell you? – SEO

When we perform manual discovery (that is, my team searches the Internet like you), we also see many sites with high DA, DR (Ahref domain name index points) and Trust Flow appearance. regular

We saw a place under the DA where Majestic and Ahref look good.

We see three tools that look good or bad.

Some sites have useful statistics and have been indexed by Google.

Some people have no movement or fall, but DA is still excellent!

Our general rule is to navigate to page 10 of the search results, which means we look at the top 100 sites. Many sites with mixed or mediocre statistics are in the top 30. Sometimes we also see the top 10 places.

Read also: Duck Duck Go Just Now Copes With 40 Million Searches a Day.

You can’t judge a site based on a single metric.

You cannot judge a site by its DA, DR, or any other element that acts only as an indicator.

Although we know about PageRank on Google, we should refrain from using this indicator as the most critical sign when deciding whether to link.

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