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 Tiktok parent company Byte Dance is now part of the search market as it releases its search engine today.

The Newtonian search continues the current news aggregator, also owned by Byte Dance.

Touitou Search retrieves web results and other Byte Dance features. However, as with Chinese search engines, the results can be checked.

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For example, when users search for news, users only see media results approved by the Chinese government.

Touitou search is for Chinese people, which is unlikely to threaten Google.

Baidu is China’s leading search engine, with a 76% market share and only 1.21% of the global market.

Due to the popularity of Byte Dance, Touitou was able to reduce Baidu’s market share.

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Byte Dances currently the most popular startup globally and makes launching your search engine particularly noteworthy.

Not to mention that Byte Dance bought in 2017, making it Tiktok and the most downloaded social media app of the year.

Last year Tiktok uploaded more than Instagram.

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It is interesting to see what the company has done in the search engine area. Perhaps, like Tiktok, a world market version will eventually come out.

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