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 These 6 quick and easy tips will boost your blog content. 

It takes me a few seconds to decide whether to add a blog post to my reading list or leave it out completely.

What’s the secret?

I’m looking for some features that point to useful publications, like:

  • Does the article include expert suggestions?
  • Does the image contain a high-quality part instead of stock sites?
  • And so on.

Each of these elements gives readers additional benefits, increasing the likelihood of attracting many visitors to your site.

In this article, I want to explain how blog content can be reloaded for interested users without breaking the bank and wasting time creating content that can be ignored.

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1. Adding Expert Quotes

Expert quotes will make your blog content more reliable and encourage people to stay in touch with your pages. Meetings can also be split to increase the likelihood of links and people getting involved.

But how do you start working with influential people?

If your brand has established relationships with specialist experts, contact them and tell them a few words.

Usually, they are delighted to do this because it allows them to reach a new audience. But remember, you need 100% of the last message right now because the expert wants to know the exact situation and other details.

If you have yet to contact these authorities personally, you have the skill. It’s much easier to get an offer from someone who knows your brand and has already mentioned it in the content.

You can use this search service to find these references:


Alternatively, you can use Ahrefs to find people using the Link Area report to link to your site. Just find your site and look at the help areas tab.

But what if your business starts building relationships with influential people?

Don’t let this stop you from using this trick. There is a sleek solution that allows you to always increase your offer without defining your marketing impact.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Find expert time on your topic.
  • Select a few sentences that fit perfectly into the blog content and add them to the message.
  • Then send an instant message to the influential person on Twitter or LinkedIn, indicating that you have linked the news to the message.

Make sure deals are written so readers can easily find them on their blog. Include author contact information, links, and photos from social networks.

Working with influential people is a great way to get to know your current audience.

You can request meetings to find out if you can become a research writer or turn to research.

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2. Referring to Well-Known Studies and Research

Do you know about research?

Adding links to a thorough analysis of this source can reinforce your statement and emphasize that what you write requires attention and is worth reading.

The only way I would not recommend is to link to a site that is not the source of information.

Here are some of the most trusted sites I want to go to:

  • GoogleConsumer Barometer, HubSpot Research, and eMarketer if your content marketing is related.
  • Statista for almost all types of content.

Writing information makes it easy to get rid of interesting facts and statistics. Therefore, be careful to get unreadable and interesting information.

Add graphics and pictures to improve your information.

3. Add Attractive Images – Blog Content

The picture may recognize your message.

In-depth research is also mediocre if you don’t spend time looking for excellent graphics to execute the text.

However, some narrow sections still need better-archived images.

For example, we have a healthy niche for our customers, and we find that most of the largest sites in this niche do not seem to have a life:

So, what can you do instead of using stock on your blog?

The cheapest option is to use a tool such as Canva to create your images. They have many templates that you can customize to fit your business style.

After completing this step, your message should be optimized for Google. It’s time to make sure the magic of your SEO is visible to the public.

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4. Keyword Search

It would help if you searched for keywords to be ranked in Google search results.

The best thing you can do is do it before you start writing on any subject.

Organic traffic will not be shown if your email address does not contain search queries with the correct monthly search volume.

I have a great example of data storage.

How many users will come from Google? On a good day, about 100 users, an average of 12.

There are many tools to help you become visible.

My favourite tool is the SEMrushKeyword Magic tool: it offers several keyword options that are conveniently grouped and challenging to get the best three results:

This step can be tricky, especially if you can’t wait to share your new content with the world.

However, if you take the time to refine your keywords, you can better engage and attract more people.

5. Optimize Meta Description, URL and Title

Once you’ve created your keyword list, make sure it is listed in your meta descriptions, URLs, and publishing titles.

Note that the meta description and title have a limited number of characters. To avoid appearing on Google SERP, do not exceed the limit:

Google users have only one way to get to your site: some people may need to learn if there is a search on Google. Try to make your site preview descriptive and fun.

Undoubtedly, well-written meta descriptions and titles will give you more clicks.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you should have excellent content for your audience.

But a lot of work remains to be done.

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6. Suggesting Related Posts to Your Users

When users rate your post, it’s best to recommend similar posts.

This can extend the average time spent on the site and reduce the initial speed of the website.

For example, add new reading suggestions to the HubSpot blog:

Conclusion– Blog Content

More than a great writer is needed to attract visitors to your site.

Rich information requires more effort to attract interest to your content.

When you write an article, you can pause and ask yourself if you are interested in it; who reads it for just a minute?

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