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 Google rolled out a new video series that answers a single question about Search engine optimization. The first episode was mainly about links; however, it did not perfectly answer the question.

The question is:

“Does linking to other sites help or not help search engine optimization?”

Since 2002, the SEO community has considered outbound links as ranking signals. I want to show you how and why the outbound search engine optimization link was invented.

The old Google algorithm used kernel points with outbound links to compute the content. Therefore, the SEO community carefully tracks outgoing links to help with site links. This is a practice.

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In 2002, Brett Tabke, founder of Pub Con, wrote an article that laid the foundation for modern SEO. This article introduces advanced search engine optimization.

The title of this article is “Successful Site in 12Months with Google Alone.” I encourage you to read this article. This is a fantastic document that underpins modern SEO.

Here are Brett Tabke’s suggestions for outbound links.

G)Outbound links:

Create a link to one or two websites with this keyword on each page. Use keywords in your link text (very important in the future). “

Here are some basic questions: Can you help me connect to another SEO site?

We already know that some links will compromise your search engine optimization. We want to know that outgoing connections are helpful to SEO, although John Mueller has yet to mention them.

Replied that an outgoing link would help the user. However, it will respond to outgoing links to help users, which is fine.

So, John Mueller said:

“Links to other websites are a good way to rate users, and links often help users get more information, view sources, and better understand how content meets their questions.”

That is all that Mueller Response has not mentioned improved search engine optimization. He replied if it helps the user.

Do something you can make him passionate about on this site. This can lead directly to the link.

But this is not the answer to the question. Does the outgoing link help your site get a better position? Mueller did not answer this question.

John Mueller, you want to see the missing nuances in the video and how outbound links affect ranking.

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Outbound links to watch out for

John Mueller of Google has repeated well-known suggestions to avoid contact with advertisers and to give unreliable feedback. He also warned them not to touch each other.

Here is what John Mueller advised:

“But be careful with some link types, especially if you create a link on your site that says,” I will create a link because I created a link for me. “

This is because we need to find out the quality of links, either because they are advertisements or created in the site’s opinion.

In all of these cases, there are no links on your site. This is because other pages are handy to users.

For these types of links, we recommend using the rel no follow attribute.

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In the most common cases, however, it is sufficient to naturally connect content with other sites with added value and greater context. You do not have to do anything special. “

Mueller does not answer three questions about outbound links:

1. Mueller missed the opportunity to solve a long myth about search engine optimization, and outgoing links were essential.

2. You can say a lot of links on the page. But John Mueller did not answer.

3. Some say you need to link to a .edu or .gov page to categorize this page. I think this is a myth, but Mueller missed the chance to miss this opportunity.

This video reminds you of popular ads for the hamburger network. One of the elders opened a rival hamburger bun, found the cake, and asked: “Where is the meat?”

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Constructive Criticism

This article wrote with constructive criticism. I’m a Google fan, and John Mueller admits his useful information. However, this video needed to meet the high standards set by Google. We hope Google will achieve even greater success in future releases.

If you are interested in the nuance of the response, read the effect of the outgoing link on the rating.

YouTube: A Study Uncovers Which Keywords Receive the Most Video Views.

If you want to see a video that explains useful information to your visitors but only responds when your outbound links are helpful for SEO, see the Linking Out: Is It Suitable for SEO?

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