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 Facebook is introducing a basic privacy model for groups, making the number of settings to just 2.

In the future, Facebook groups can be set to either private or public.

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For clarity, the company said the change:

“We are making this change because people tell us they want a clearer picture of their group’s privacy settings. Two private settings, public and private, help you find out who finds the group and which members and publications are part of it.“

When the group is set to “Public,” everyone can see the group members and view all content posted. When set to Personal, only group members can see the people in the group and the messages they send.

In addition to these model privacy settings, group administrators can manage searches for their groups. Administrators can let you know if they can be found in Search and other places on Facebook.

Current group administrators need to understand these changes:

  • A group that was formerly “secret” will now be “private” and “hidden.”
  • A group that was formerly “closed” will now be “private” and “visible.”
  • Groups that are “public” will remain “public” and “visible.”

The new command is in the group configuration. Previous Facebook restrictions still apply to changing group settings.

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Groups can only change their privacy settings every 28 days, but administrators can reset them within 24 hours.

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