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 Google responded to a Wall Street Journal investigation stating Maps comes with millions of fake business listings.

This article analyses in detail about false lists in Google Maps. An example of the journal discovered in the New York Community is:

“Finding in the New York area is found in the20 top 20 Google search results, only two of these two locations have said that they accepted the address, which Google Maps is inaccurate. List. “

Although some counterfeit lists only deceive customers to take customers past, there is a lot of money to cheat customers in other counterfeit lists.

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In other cases, make a list of fraudulent lists of micro-list clients. Google strictly prohibits it, but the “Wall Street Journal” indicates that the strategy has not been properly implemented.

According to WSJ’s sources, every lakh false list is displayed each month:

According to experts, “100,000 fake ads every month occur every month on Google Maps.” Google said they would take most before it appeared. “

Google replies

Shortly after the Wall Street Journal published an article, Google published an article on this blog, “How we fight against bad business files in Google Maps.”

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Google has acknowledged that there is a problem with the list of fake companies, although it is not cautious that does not show any details:

“This is a continuous balance of balance, and we always try to find new and better ways to fight these scams and change the manual and automated system. However, we have many details about these efforts. Cannot share, “Schemers to find a new way to stop all our system at risk of risk, it will destroy the purpose of all our work. “

Google said it removed more than 3 million fake professional files last year, even before 90% of the users viewed the file.

85%of them were in Google’s internal system, and consumers reported more than 250,000 business profiles.

Therefore, consumers have been making significant progress in preventing bad actors from fraud in Google Maps.

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Google has acknowledged that it can still be a lot of work and wants to improve.

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