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 Google is including support for native lazy loading to the Chrome browser’s latest version – Chrome 76.

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In an announcement, the company states:

“InChrome 76, you can use the new download feature to download resources without having to write your code or use a separate JavaScript library.”

Delayeddownload delays downloading of crumpled images until the user begins to zoom in.

The result is a shorter boot time, less user bandwidth and less memory usage.

In the past, developers had to use the Intersection Observer API or deploy sophisticated event-processing software to take advantage of native lazy loading.

Now that native lazy loading is directly compatible with Chrome, developers can add simple “upload” features by embedding images.

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It looks like the code looks like when you add a transfer property to an image and an iframe:

Google Chrome will soon support native lazy loading at the browser-level, which will improve page load times and user experience. This article discusses what lazy loading is, how it works, and what the update means for website owners and developers.

As long as you have the HTML basics, you don’t need to turn on the developer experience to use the attribute. This makes lazy downloads available to more website owners.

The download feature supports the following values:

  • Auto: The default behaviour for the slow-loading browser, except for this feature.
  • Lazy: Load resources slowly until the distance calculated from the window is reached.
  • Eager: Download resources instantly, no matter where your site is.

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This feature will be upgraded to Chrome 76 Stable Release.


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