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A Google engineer states The Guardian adjustments have been made to the search algorithm in response to real-life crises.

Pandu Nayak, a senior search engineer at Google, says Google’s algorithm could now identify when a bad event is occurring.

As this event prepares, the Google Crisis will increase the weight of authorized people to show the right information on the signal.

Nayakalgorithms refers to the rise in the shooting events in American schools as a reason to upgrade, and many disinforms were described in the tragic events of real life.

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When Nayak adds weight to the symbol of a Google authority, the instructions for research are described in the evaluation criteria.

Google’sgoal of search results is to reduce the spread of error messages instead of deleting them directly.

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Description of Nayak does not solve the problem of one-page-sized error messages:

“… Do we want to understand why this problem appears? For example, what is wrong with our algorithm? You have got the problem of the problem, now correct the issue you have not resolved here. Until that, you have to solve many problems as well.

In the future, to get information about the current crisis, the results of Google’smost reliable sources will provide the requirement by the standard tester.

If death is near the sea, Google News articles with authority over seismic research, instead of informative articles, will be back to sustainable.

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After that, once the crisis is reduced, Google search algorithms will return to normal. I understand what the minimum is.

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