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 Magento is an extremely famous open-source eCommerce platform ranking globally as the second most used eCommerce solution.

Like many web-based platforms, Magento offers customization features that allow customers to create online stores as needed.

Of course, for many custom settings, creating a store for successful SEO can be daunting.

From the beginning, follow this list to get an idea of ​​what you should do to optimize SEO for Magento-compatible sites.

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  1. Enable and Configure SEO-optimized URL Structure

Each URL on your site should be unique, easily readable, and optimized for use.

Do not allow Magento to create URLs for you; They will not optimize them properly. Instead, check the URL for each page and make sure it is:

  • Short.
  • To the point.
  • Simple to understand.

Remember that users can enter URLs manually in the browser and access the pages they are looking for.

If a URL is long and needs clarification on many ridiculous words or numbers, they may be remembered or mistyped.

Although URLs have little to do with website rankings; they affect user experience and rating.

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If you follow the following example to understand your URL, your site should be good:

Our category page should use / category / in the URL

The subcategory page should be / category/subcategory/

A product page should be treated as a category-subcategory / product name /.

To do this in Magento 2:

  • Goto Shops >> Settings> General> Internet
  • Go to the “Search Engine Optimization” tab, select “Yes” to use web overwrite, and then click “Save Settings.”
  • You can update the second parameter to further optimize the URL structure by following these steps:
  • Go to the Store> Settings> Catalog> Search Engine Optimization
  • Change the category of the path to use the product URL to “Yes.”
  • To create a permanent redirect for the URL, edit the change key: “Yes.”
  • Change the canonical meta tag for categories: “Yes.” (This helps eliminate duplicate content issues on many pages.)
  • Change the meta tag of the canonical link with the product: “Yes.” (This helps reduce duplicate content issues on many pages.)
  1. Add Titles & Meta Descriptions for All Your Category & Product Pages

Similarly, including a title and a meta description is a general rule of SEO, but people often need to remember to follow these rules. Like many platforms, Magento will write a description for you.

But if you allow them, you will miss another opportunity to include keywords and ensure that your product’s descriptions stand out from the competition.

Magento automatically creates a standard description for your webpage, but it may not make sense and will not contain strategic keywords.

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As a rule, the platform retrieves the first sentence from the page to use it as the default description.

Another thing to avoid is using the manufacturer description; You want each page to have a unique description of what it processes, rather than using the available information thousands of other websites can use.

You can add a new description by going to the following: Content> Settings>Design> HTML Title> Default Description.

  1. Optimize Your Product Images

Image optimization is an excellent recommendation for SEO, regardless of whether you use Magento.

The search engine could not read the image. Therefore, you need to provide them with a specific tag to be able to use this feature to add keywords to your site.

Use a descriptive keyword for the image name, for example, “white-tunic-top.jpg”, instead of a common name, for instance,product1.jpg or image1.jpg.

The code for your image should be short but also readable since the file name will eventually become part of the image URL.

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Also, jpg files are better than PNG files because they are smaller and do not slow down the site loading time.

To optimize alternative text in the image, go to Products> Catalog>Configurable Products. Double-click thumbnails> Go to Detail Page>  browser and Videos> Double-click an image> Add alt text in the corresponding field.

  1. Make Sure to Use H2 and H3 Tags

By default, Magento automatically creates all H1 tags for the title of your page, which could be better for SEO. It would help if you used only the H1 tag for product names and category names.

Other less critical headings and subtitles should use the H2 and H3 tags.

H1-H3 tags must have a significant hierarchy; If you use them correctly, search engines will know how to index your pages correctly.

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It is different in terms of SEO. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you use the code correctly. And that your title and subtitles contain your keywords(without filling in, they should tell you everything, including the search engines, what their function is!).

  1. Incorporate a Blog on Your Website

Magento is easier than ever to add a blog page to your site. All you need to do is add this extension, and your blog will start and start working.

A consistent blog is a great way to continue including keywords to improve your site ranking and promote your brand and products.

Share your blog posts on social networks and encourage others to share and interact with them. And try to use your information to create ideas; It is not necessary that every blog wrote with words.

Integrated images, infographics, live video, questions, answers, etc.

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You want to attract your audience’s attention, draw attention to your website and hope to inspire your products, explore your products, and make purchases.

  1. Speed Up Your Magento Site

One of the biggest complaints about Magento is the speed of the platform.

People load the page quickly (up to about 3 seconds), and Google will prioritize sites that load faster. So you need to make sure your website is optimized for speed.

To do this, you can enable caching so that users can save versions of your site on their computers without downloading them from scratch when they want to connect.

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You also need to combine JavaScript and CSS files; Magento automatically combines most JavaScript files into one download, but not for CSS.

The combination of two types of files reduces page load time and increases its speed. This article explains in more detail how to ensure your Java files are compatible with SEO.

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