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 Google shew new details about its indexing issues in April, revealing part of the search index was lost pro tem.

Google accidentally deleted search index pages on April 5 while updating the DataCenter.

Ofcourse, this means small files, but not low enough for site owners and SEOs to overlook.

Google knows all the conversations on social networks that made the company aware of the problem.

This issue was resolved on April 11 but had a side effect, and many related errors occurred shortly after that.

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The Search Console Problem

A problem with the Google search index caused problems with reports in the search console.

These errors are related to the report containing direct directory information.

For example, a report on directory coverage in the Search Console depends on the consistency of the search index between data centers.

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Big G should reject updates to the search console database and use the directories to fix the errors. This resulted in some of the reported information needing to be more reliable.

This problem continued until April. Google recognized the issue with the SearchConsole on the 15th and announced its fix on the 30th.

Comments have been added to the relevant reports in the Search Console to clarify that some information may be incorrect.

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Upcoming Changes

Big G plans to make some changes to webmaster posts.

These changes include:

  • Create a central processing unit in the search console, and Google can quickly share the latest information on many vulnerabilities.
  • If you encounter issues that have a long-term impact on your data, please submit it to the Fastest Data Console Exclusion page.
  • SendTweet as soon as possible to notify web admins of these issues.

Google mentioned managing the latest crawl issues as an example of improving communication.


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