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 Amazon’s Demand Side Platform, called Amazon DSP, maybe the opening platform you consider when getting together a channel mix that adds Display options.

The first thing to think about is the Google Display Network (GDN), probably TradeDesk, Criteo or many stock exchanges. And you may have to go to an Amazon seller to take advantage of DSP.


This is a great way to take advantage of an Amazon website (like IMDB and related switches) like Google.

Yes, these are the sites you return to, not the Amazon site.

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Also, you can benefit from Amazon’s in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour, for example, in your network and platform:

  • Purchase history.
  • Brand affinity.
  • Searches performed.

One hundred eighty-four million American tourists per month are also an advantage.

Let’s figure it out, start with the most attractive search-driven vendor, and then move on to more media-centric options based on classical needs.

What Do You Need?

First, you need a DSP account independent of the Amazon Ad Console account that you use to run Amazon’s advertising capabilities, such as sponsorship, sponsorship, and advertising.

As with all software campaigns, you must create ads, mid-range and short videos based on Amazon specifications.

There are no creators or automated templates like Google Display Builder.

However, as with Google, creating impressions and performance data can take some time. Therefore, plan a flight date of the same length and have a good list of resources.

Where the Ad Appears

In addition to apparent websites like IMDB, Audible, and all the websites Amazon has bought this week, you’ll also find a list of exchanges here.

This list includes external partners to help you download source information, such as unsubscribing from email. (Don’t let them escape so quickly!)

Note: For those familiar with this condition, you may see some exchanges that they recognize.

If you place ads on both platforms and see up to two ad units in the same place, they may overlap. For example, the store rack has an Amazon Fire TV warehouse.

Some more specific comments about ads: You should not only list the elements but also consider the following details:

  • Calls to action.
  • The use of text in the creative.
This is because there is a dynamic ad unit where Amazon triggers the action.

You cannot select the type, time, or specific performance of an event without a disc that indicates the symbol or variable of a demonstration outside the disc, but only the ad size and overall performance of the version.

Therefore, set them up correctly if you reuse Google or Facebook products.

The first element of a marketing expert is a dynamic ad unit aimed at the market audience.

This is very similar to Google Dynamic Parameters, so you benefit from the fact that Amazon understands each user / CTA response. Although technically, this is a funnel-shaped operation, it is probably included in this basket.

The target audience targeted users who have recently searched (purchased in the last 30 days) for products in their category or purchasing products that may be specified through the Amazon network.

I saw a song from Tom Hank fans. This is not the case. Now I think about it, not all. Let’s go for a less popular segment, but is Paul Ladd so good?

For example, if you want to launch a new range of cookware (scrapers and whips for everyone!), you can target market viewers with blenders, toasters, or dishes.

Contact your SEO company to get more traffic to your site.

Although I started with a more prominent solution (kitchen appliance), shortening is the best solution; I heard that research marketing experts are reluctant to learn to “pay” for it. And I wish they were more accurate at first.

Therefore, the best way is not to cut your family’s multiple incomes and age group offers and block specific sites/exchanges before publishing.

However, depending on your budget and scope, you should start with a more extensive network, just like a Google audience. Then, reverse the demographic trend (or exclusion category) and decrease the tendency to get more useful.

Below is an overview of DSP placement compared to other Amazon advertising products on the shopping channel.

Cost and How Long It Will Take

The course is based on CPM. It may take time for your campaign to gather enough impressions and data to be accurate and useful.

Amazon recommends an “always-on” approach (Does that sound familiar to you again?), which makes sense for regular advertisers with redirection plans.

Over time, the platform will become more efficient and able to create better and similar target groups that will be added to the segment in the future. (Remember, Amazon has a lot of purchase information!)

Correct answer. You must set up and run for at least 3 to 6 weeks before making any significant changes, depending on the amount you view.

The average CPM is $ 4-6, depending on the category and the most extensive list(thousands of products), which requires a higher budget.

Depending on the market segment, most market segments have about 500 million impressions per month.

The recommended budget for starting this process is about $ 5,000 a month, especially if you want to direct the item to small directories (dozens of products).

Ideally, it is better to have more than $ 10,000 in working hours per month, as targeted opportunities, like another program switching, can be extremely limitless.

Take It a Step Further: Retargeting – Amazon DSP

Guidance is possible, but you must create Amazon Pixels for your keywords pages (preferably your payment page, website, and confirmation page) to create an audience.

Because some eCommerce sites choose not to sell on Amazon, they may want to keep this information private from Amazon. Therefore, this is a forbidden choice.

However, if you sell and sell Amazon products for logistical reasons related to meeting performance, inventory setting, pricing, and pricing requirements, this is a great way to leverage those $ 148 million. They say that monthly users own 48%of all online marketplaces.

(The options, strategies and requirements are in themselves another article. I have a schedule that I can follow. I’ll find it later this year and want to help you today.

Getting Word Out: Connected TV & Lifestyle Audiences

Watch Amazon’s unencrypted OTT video on Fire TV and Fire Stick for brand and pure awareness enthusiasts. These devices can take 15 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds.

During the fourth quarter of 2018 (Amazon Advertising), over 7 billion hours were launched on the platform. It is known that many of us watch TV on another device (linear or connected): About 45% of adult Americans recognize this.

But if you want to understand the full impact of your work, this support requires independent measurements or modelling.

You can also easily launch this event on Amazon and see if there are other lift channels in flight. (This is not the most scientific method, but I heard that the ground is flat, so everything seems possible.)

Another option in this awareness group is a lifestyle group where you can target users based on a broader interest, such as greedy and sci-fi fans.

This option is consistent with the same creative technical specifications and CPMs used in the market. Still, it purchases software tools for tracking, resetting, and measuring meters.

For those who want to start testing more, I recommend this ad unit on the market.

Ideally, it would help if you manage your marketing and lifestyle segments, populate the posting group, launch, clear and replicate other products to create creative assets.

Read also: Why I Need to Bid on My Brand Name.

To Sum Up – Amazon DSP

Inventory changes as people, places, and needs change.

Amazon ads are still a new source of opportunity, usage, and data.

I need help understanding the real content presented here. You should visit the Amazon advertising website, DSP content, and Google search recommendations.

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