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 Facebook Lead Gen Ads are getting a gradually common tool for lead gen advertisers. They may take a bit of work to establish; however, they could deliver excellent results by delivering a great user experience for your potential customers.

The Lead Gen advertising is generally evaluated in the first months after launch.

If everything goes according to plan, potential customers will be quick, and the price will usually be lower than the price you paid for using traditional campaigns on the landing page.

But after a while, the brightness began to fade.

After further verification, campaigns on landing pages are more active than potential customers of typical advertising.

Cheaper, but the quality is lower.

So, what do we do?

If you are sure your target audience is synthetic, it’s time to look at the form itself.

What are you asking the user to do? Do you even ask them to do something?

It sounds silly, but it’s a blessing and a curse that a person can quickly turn into the shape of a group’s head.

Theoretically, someone from the target audience can convert it in just three clicks:

  • Click on the ad in the newsfeed.
  • Click next after the information is filled in automatically.
  • Then send it to the Privacy Policy page.

To improve the quality of the audio track, we must allow the user to think. At least a bit.

Our goal is to make this conversion operation very simple and more complex. Thus, we can improve the quality of potential customers for these activities.

Here are four strategies that ensure you get top-quality potential customers that you can use in your online campaigns.

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  1. Select the Type of Higher Intention Form

The first parameter you request when creating a master record is the type of way.

There are two options for this:

  • More volume.
  • Intentionabove.

It seems obvious.

Good news: yes.

Selecting a form type with a higher intention means that after reading the privacy policy, before pressing the “Send” screen and expressing gratitude, a screen will appear with the answers entered by this person.

It allows us to meet, “Are you sure?” And show them the information they share with you.

Most likely, when they realize they are sending you, you will frighten many people.

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Moreover, those who want to work with you one way or another should be the ones who read the information and click to send it.

  1. Use Intro Copy to Qualify Users – Facebook Lead Gen Ads

The introductory part of the Lead Gen form is optional, but I highly recommend it.

This area consists of two parts of the custom text: a heading and a written description, which allows you to tell our audience who you want to work with, and, even more subtly, to people who do not work with you.

Descriptive text can be in the form of a paragraph or bullet.

If you want to work only with a Fortune 500 company, a mortgage lender over 15, or graduate school looking for a lower college degree, then this is the place for you. I know

Explain why your business is excellent and why you are the perfect partner.

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If someone does not belong to this area, he will read this section and will not continue to fill out the form, which will provide lower-quality tracking for his sales force.

  1. Use Custom Questions – Facebook Lead Gen Ads

In the“Problems” section of the Form Creator, you can choose one of two main categories:

  • Prefill.
  • CustomQuestions.

Pre-fillis are understandable. If this person includes this information in their profile, Facebook will automatically add it to the form.

These questions are the rules:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Etc.

We hope to click on it more than three times and think about it.

Please enter a user question.

There are four types, but the most common are short answers and several options: this precisely is what you expect.

For short answers, write a hint where your potential customers can enter a blank field.

For several options, write a message with a question and enter the available answers in the drop-down list.

Be sure to write them from top to bottom in the order you want them to appear; otherwise, they can get out of control and seem awkward.

One warning: some problems with pre-filling can achieve the same goal. If someone does not have this information in his profile, he must enter the answer manually.

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The only difference is that you bet that the user does not include this information in his profile. I prefer specific questions because you know that users should be involved.

  1. Ask Unnecessary Questions

Contrary to Facebook’s advice, you should ask a few questions to help you think seriously about working with you and eliminate lower perspectives, even if this is not “required” information.

When you add a lot of questions to the Lead Gen Facebook form generator, the following message appears:

I heard what they said, but it was sometimes more complicated.

I do B2B marketing on Facebook, and the targeted options for this group … not the best.

To get potential customers, we need to find available alternatives and then use form questions to evaluate the user and eliminate inappropriate options because the orientation is more complex.

Individual questions are a great place to expand forms strategically. I especially like several options and short answers. They require only a small amount of time to configure, but they lack the same user effort to complete them.

For example, we are trying to create a higher-quality account for a SaaS client by focusing on a specified list of sectors.

The software helps companies in all industries, but our conversion rate is better for people from the list. We add an industry question to the form to better align what we send.

The answers we use in the questions show that our software is more suitable for specific industries. For those who do not belong to these industries, this suggests that we cannot participate.

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These users can continue anyway, or they are more likely to drop the data we collect, drop the form. And lose most of the ways the industry we are looking for fulfils.

Conclusion – Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Lead Gen Facebook Forms facilitates the conversion of potential customers but sometimes damages the quality of our potential customers.

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