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 Recently, Google’s John Mueller and Martin Split showed the true light that JavaScript SEO is dying.

It doesn’t die; it’s not easier. JavaScript SEO is becoming more technical as the problem becomes more challenging to identify.

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This issue was resolved in the Google Webmaster Central hangout during a Googlebot Evergreen discussion.

The site owner feels JavaScript SEO is dying because Googlebot is improving it.

The following is a summary of what Mueller and Split have to say about the six to seven-minute discussion on this topic.

Let’s Take the Example of John Mueller

Googlebot is improving, but Mueller says JavaScript still needs to improve with search engine optimization.

Being able to troubleshoot and understanding how to improve the situation requires a lot of experience. As with traditional search engine optimization, there are several ways to do it right, and some methods are useful.

Technical guidance has become a problem. Therefore, when you add JavaScript to the mix, the debugging errors that affect categorization are not secure.

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Martin Split’s Take

According to Split, it is “naive” that JavaScript is now synchronized with the latest version of Chrome, and JavaScript is less critical.

Currently, JavaScript SEO is looking for pitfalls and the “gotchas” for modern technology and its solution. You will learn more about potential problems in the future.

Yes, JavaScript works better, but it’s essential to understand everything that might go wrong. The future of JavaScript SEO revolves around debugging and debugging.

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When developers use JavaScript to create websites, they don’t mind crawling them on Google. Your priority is to create a working website.

In other words, Splitt asked developers and SEOs to sit at the same table and find the best way to work together.

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