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 Is Google in some way biased against conservative sites – especially in the news? Some people believe this. This contradiction has intensified over the past two years.

The confirmation of this bias began with the president, even before Congress.

Today, Google is (again) facing Congress to answer questions about these conservative test charges.

The name of the conference is “Google and through a search engine review,” led by Senator Ted Cruz.

The theory behind these claims is that Google manually provides search results to ensure that conservative information does not receive as much publicity as free media but as an incentive to leave it on its agenda.

I am an SEO consultant. I also do other work, but SEO is one of my primary functions.

When it comes to someone who understands what search engines and SEO are, I think it is essential to write this article to explore the so-called bias of anti-conservative websites.

For those who also see SEO work, turn on a little because I have given basic knowledge to those not part of our industry.

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What is SEO?

As a professional SEO, I help companies better follow Google’s algorithms and recommendations so that their sites are visible when users search for content that matches their content.

Think of these algorithms as the game’s rules, except that they change almost every day, and no one tells you what they are.

Lack of transparency and change of status means that most companies need someone like me to help them understand the rules and do a good job with regular Google searches: the site is below the ad in the middle of the search results page. (SERP).

The more the site complies with these rules, the more visibility it has and the more traffic it generates. The more traffic they get, the more money they can earn.

Finally, search engine optimization experts stand between employees who work or are laid off.

If the website works well, it will hire more people. If there is no site, people will go home.

SEO is critical to the success of the modern online business.

Platform vs Publishers

Companies such as Google (for example, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are governed by the Communications Act of 1996 (Regulatory Act), which provides for the 230th Communications Protection Act (Legislation). The law prohibits these companies from taking legal action based on the content of their website.

These companies are called platforms, not publishers.

If Google actively promotes the agenda and analyzes opinions from different points of view, this could be the basis for the cancellation of legal documents.

They are not just a platform but an editor. This is stated so that the publisher declares that he will be the user for the person reading this and is legally responsible for the platform’s content.

But that can’t be.

Petersen. Josh Hawley and the “Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act“.

 “Criticism of professional technology organizations on Wednesday recently proposed Senate Josh Holley, R-Mo. The bill will change the business model of technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The new “Internet Censorship Prohibition Act” removes immunity by Section 230 of the communications Act 1996, which protects large high-tech companies from liability. Content posted by the user. According to the new law, companies must carry out checks every two years to prove that their algorithms and content removal methods are “politically neutral” to maintain their immunity.

“This bill requires the platform to make an impossible choice: to accept offensive people, but to protect the first comments about the changes or to lose legal protection, allowing them to control illegal content, such as traffic. And Internet Michael Beckman said: “Violent extremism.” Association, in a statement.

  • Let everyone put content on your platform forever, including types of content that we almost do not offer on the Internet (for example, ISIS videos and KKK campaigns).
  • Or leave nothing on your platform, reduce media interaction, and approve comments. A review of all positions is required.

Given a company with billions of users, it’s almost impossible to view the content of this site.

Why are you doing this?

There are many possible reasons, most of which are speculative.

But most analysts seem to believe that conservative lawmakers are concerned about the power of “good technology” and their ability to control most of the Internet.

Although this is not a baseless idea, its ideas of conservative ignorance are compounded by a lack of understanding of how surface content is presented.

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So, is Google biased?

Before answering this question, let’s look at some of the “facts” that refer to a situation.

Some groups and stakeholders are trying to conduct their own “research” of perception, which Google perceives.

We will not consider each of them, but I will take a moment to review the general conclusions since there is not much difference between statements and findings, but the only intention is that they have defined their results.

“Proof of bias”

There have been several attempts to determine whether Google has manually changed its algorithm to eliminate conservative discourse.

The studies included research conducted by two high-ranking computer lab graduate sat Northwestern University and the secret Veritas project, which calls into question the “evidence” of this using edited videos. A Google employee who allows for a “conspiracy” (this is not the case).

But whoever studied the problem left an essential element in their research. Although this is not the only problem, this component is necessary; except for forces, free sites are more common than conservative ones. Their solution applies to all other conclusions.

What did they leave out?

They exclude SEO and its impact on sites that first visited Google Search.

SEO is not the last idea and not the last thing you added. It is the engine of all sites in organic google searches.

Nothing Google can get a clear position if it does not match the factors necessary for the ranking.

Thus, ignoring search engine optimization as part of a search is the best you can do as an irrelevance, not causation.

Ranking factors & Google news sites

In a natural google search, over 200 key rating factors.

Think of these rules as those used by Google to link issues with the content of the repository pages.

These “factors” are algorithmic elements that a website must “use” Google for proper classification. If you do not achieve these factors at the appropriate level, your rating is not as good as any other person’s.

These are not the only factors affecting the placement of Google News content.

First of all, you should write.

Google News: Install

Google must accept your site in Google News before classifying it on the site(opposite users).

This manual process allows you to submit your site to the Google Publishers Center. Check the content and required technical guidance.

The site must follow all the rules. Otherwise, it will reject, but in any case, it is associated with the political ideology of the website.

  • Includes Google News Content Wizard.
  • Google News technology contains recommendations.

It took me more than a year to enter the site for entertainment news to be rejected three times.

Therefore, you need to go there before you see the site in Google News.

This made the North West Computing News Labs study more problematic because it uses subdomains in its research to avoid the political intentions found on the main web pages.

The problem with this process is that the subdomain is separate from the main version of the site www.

Google news not only comes separately and is added by Google, which is an excellent practice for one-time sites or less, but once accepted, they must meet the classification criteria on their terms and not inherit the most crucial place.!

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This can seriously distort the results.

Thus, the higher the existence of a free site, the fewer opportunities for conservative sites, since they do not contain the domain of SEO values, which is in the Google News subdomain or in a subdomain that does not work if it is enabled.

AMP coefficient

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a platform developed by Google to speed up web pages on mobile devices.

However, AMP presents a lot of extra work for developers. Therefore, they will likely accept this if you give them a reason.

Therefore, Google has introduced a new carousel.

To appear on this site on the Google search page, you must not only include it in Google News but also have an AMP page.

If AMP not installed on your site, you cannot include the site’s contents in the news carousel.

Why is it important?

Since the first article in the news, the carousel can represent hundreds of thousands of views on the news publisher’s website. This is the first thing people see and the content they most likely click on.

Therefore, we created our site in Google News and added the AMP format. Did we stop?


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Google News and Google Search

If you join Google News, you are guaranteed access only to the Google News section.

These are not ordinary Google search results or the Carousel News site – and all this traffic!

How do I access the news carousel or Google search page?

This is where the rules we are talking about (ranking factors) come into force.

Google wants a high-quality website, ensuring that your site meets these criteria, and you contact it through Google; it must first check the issue of your website or at least on the first page – because everyone knows that no one goes to the other side.

If more sites meet these criteria, and best of all, this applies to the news carousel, which not only requires GPA but also allows you to better compete with your ranking factors and best practices for other sites.

Some of the ranking factors are:

  • How many links does your site have, and from what sources? Are these references to “quality”?
  • What is the download speed on your webpage?
  • What is the freshness of your content? (The request is new and does not apply to all sites).
  • How many ads are on your site?
  • Is your content written and organized by topic?
  • Is your content optimized for search queries?
  • How do you link to your site?
  • For news sites, is your information department indicated in the structure of the website?

The list is long (200 major factors and thousands of secondary factors)

What about the political ideology ranking factor?

Search engine optimization is full of myths. Since Google does not speak about site rankings, people often need clarification on relevance and causality.

They make an “X” and then a “Y” and make sure that this is why the site is classified, although Google says it is not.

An example of a myth that has existed for over a decade is that your Google Analytics data may affect your ranking. It is not, but people believe it.

Why not? Why doesn’t Google want to use the software in their data?

For Google, this is a terrible sign of site quality because not all sites use google Analytics. Many people need to do this. Therefore, the data could be more balanced and useful.

Another example is the myth that social media is involved in its positioning. They are not

Google tried this experience; Twitter and Twitter deleted it. He decided not to use them anymore.

They get data on trends and help show current problems, but their participation in social networks does not affect the rating of your site.

But people who still write about it help in their classification.

Finally, Google’s goal is to restore the most relevant sites to their search queries, and erroneous data can lead to poor results. But these myths still exist.

Do you know any myths? This political ideology is a classification factor.

If there is a classification factor, its presence will increase the site’s classification, and its absence makes it mediocre.

Since this is not a classification factor, its existence does not depend on the Google algorithm. As you can see here, the rating factor is related to the quality of the site and the user interface and not to a specific type of content.

The last point on how Google returns to the search query page is critical: the user’s intention is the same as the question.

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Query matching

If I move from the Liberal Party website to the Conservative Party, and conservatives are looking for content on the new site, I have to save traffic and rating. I just changed the audience.

If more people on my recently saved site search for terms matching my content, I’ll gain traffic and possible ratings.

If my site does not meet the user’s intention to consult, Google will not load my site, regardless of my evaluation criteria or best practices.

No one wants to find roses and get stools. It certainly will not be so good.

Conservative sites do not optimize their pages as liberals. Thus, the content of Google may not match the content of a traditional site when you submit a request and return a free site.

Liberal websites also generate more content, and more sites have high-quality labels.

Therefore, in a possible Google database, empty sites with a large number of pages will likely be included in the query’s search results; also, they are imported into free or anti-corruption sites in the same way.

Wait, are we talking about bias?

Oh, yes, we are talking about bias.

All of this is very relevant to the concept of bias.

With a series of comparative audits, it’s almost possible to determine the reasons for ranking a site to determine how well each site follows best practices.

It also shows that you must adhere to strict standards for accessing Google News or your players, which are often used to search for shifts.

So, before you judge whether a site is biased, you need to know:

  • Is this accepted in Google News?
  • Do you have AMP?
  • Is Google’s Quality Score three top ten broadcasts or top ten?
  • Does the question correspond to the site’s content that meets all these requirements?
  • Although it recognized that Google distorts its products in search results, expected search results are not conservative or generous.

You cannot classify factors by adding free content to your site or adding conservative content to lose a rating.

If something is a classification factor, it should affect all pages, not just a few pages. Good or bad, the classification factor does not apply to the domain level.

From Northwestern University’s research, we see that Fox News ranks fourth in the number of hits, much better than almost all the other sites on the list.

So, your conservative site is not very good and amazed by all?

Your site may not have deleted your comments, but SEO lost.

Your SEO team is good. News is a difficult place, and almost all sites are top-notch.

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However, if you want to improve, you will find that viewing the site and fixing non-working content is more beneficial than waiting for someone to approve the law.

This is not a bias that hurts

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