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 Keyword research is the base of every SEO strategy, especially it’s the base of onsite SEO. Done great; it gives direction for the content you need to optimize.

However, the right keywords associated with low-performing strategies cannot help you sell in an online store.

Keyword Research for SEO

There are two main ways to search for e-commerce keywords (or others):

  • Do your research from scratch.
  • Spy competition.

Before you begin, you must understand the various factors in choosing the right keywords.

Here are some important considerations:

Search Volume

There are several free keyword research tools, even if the author vows to pay for the theatre’s tool. Use the device you have chosen to determine the amount of the search.

A large number of exact matches means many users search for specific terms. In other words, a high search volume can also indicate fierce competition in the ranking. Comparing the search volume with the level of complexity based on the permissions of the domain on the site should be realistic.

The basic rule for choosing keywords is to at least consider searching for more than 20 months.

Ranking Difficulty

Difficulties mean that it is difficult to compete with existing research results. Finally, this is the domain authority for your site in your particular niche.

Ahrefs provides a useful tool for determining your location in a domain based on existing backlinks (they are called “domain estimates”).

For new websites, you often want to stay at the heart of the complexity with your keyword. As with Klute’s assessment, which is now dead, finding appropriate terms to get closer to 100 difficulties is becoming increasingly difficult. The same applies to the growing authority of domain names, measured on a logarithmic scale.

Search Relevance

Even if you find a keyword with a huge search volume that you can rank, it will help if you consider its appropriateness to your site and what it sells.

To solve this problem, consider ten potential customers looking for more than 1,000 unqualified visitors. And who will only buy something when your site responds to what they want to find when they are immediately restored due to the lack of correlation?

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Which Ecommerce Pages to Optimize

Fore-commerce stores, their website and product pages are critical priorities for keyword optimization, but they are certainly not the only valuable pages. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize category pages, blog entries, and even image files / ALT tags for specific keywords.

Determining Where You Rank in Relevant Search

Before making an informed decision about a keyword strategy, you must establish a fundamental level. This is useful as a guide for creating new content instead of updating old content.

Using Keyword Rank Tracking Tools to Benchmark Success

Have you started creating an e-commerce site and trying to insert keywords? Then specify the type of position tracking by keyword to determine your ranking in the relevant search.

Again, Ahrefs can perform this task for you and other functions already mentioned, thanks to its classification tracking functions.

However, you can also count on free and accessible data by connecting your website to the Google search console.

The performance report lets you decide which keywords to rank and their average search position. Remember to add keywords manually to the report’s presented keywords.

Regular checking of your rating can improve the average rating, which is starting to decline. Deleting a ranking is an early warning and must be updated to maintain its position on the search engine results page (SERP).

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Spy on the Competition

As soon as you have determined the rating on your site, check your competitors. This will help you decide what to do to find ideas that focus your research on keywords.

This is especially important for e-commerce since ratings are not converted directly into lost conversions. If you rank second in search results and your competitor, first of all, you can forget about half of the potential traffic for this problem.

Some things to consider when searching for competitors:

  • Specific keywords you are looking for.
  • Page permissions should be ranked.
  • Its domain authority and power (mainly depend on the reverse link associated with the niche).
  • Where your backlinks come from can give you an idea about client publishing and other collaboration opportunities.

The SEMRush keyword tool is one of the best search tools for applicants for SEO and sponsored links. This can help you identify all previous pieces of the puzzle.

Keyword Tool SEMRush

The SEMRush keyword tool is useful for monitoring and exploring your e-commerce site, but search engine optimization also likes its usefulness in spy competition.

Just enter the URL to see statistics such as regular search volume, organic traffic over time, paid search volume, number of backlinks, a reference domain, an IP address, and the traffic geography of the channel.

You can see these search statistics on your computer and mobile devices, as well as in the Google index in different countries. You can also perform a local search for specific areas that you sell.

SEMRushalso provides you with a list of related keywords and matching keywords – this is a variant of the keywords entered by the user in the search bar. And this identifies the sites that are most similar to your keywords based on the keywords. Biological essential This function is especially useful if you do not know precisely who your closest competitor is.

Besides, SEMrush provides a tool that allows you to display common and unique keywords for up to five domains. And another tool that shows how difficult it is to classify used keywords. For their competitors.

This is not enough to spy on competitors. SEMRush also has a magic keyword tool, which gives you access to over 2 million keyword variations.

This is a one-stop solution for competitive analysis, but if you need a monthly subscription to an SEO tool, Ahrefs also offers many similar features.

Ideally, it would help if you experimented before choosing an experiment that best suits your needs.

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Use Long-tail keywords

Thus, using a wide range of keywords in our time could be a better SEO strategy due to excessive competition and relevancy problems.

So, ensure you optimize your long-term keywords first, especially when creating product pages and blog posts for your e-commerce site. The number of people looking for these problems is small, but they are also safer than they want, so they are more willing to buy.

Highly targeted keywords are keywords with a significant business purpose, which means that researchers can act by researching, buying, or simply gathering the information that can result in sales.

One way to determine if you are trying to use keywords in electronic commerce is to search for a price per click (CPC) for your favurite keyword survey tool (the value that indicates paid search ads). More specific keywords are more expensive, but search intensity is high.

Many SEOs have identified three types of search attempts (navigation, information, and transactions), but according to Think and Google, there are four:

This book will focus on the three leading names recognized by most optimizers.

Since navigation intent is more or less deliberate for the user to write a registered trademark question to find a specific page on the company’s website, we will analyze two other types of intent (and a way to establish a link between them):

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Intention of information

The keyword that provides information indicates that the user is searching for information and wants to answer questions.

According to Google’s search quality guidelines, these keywords are “I want to know” search queries, and there are users in the sales channel at the top of the chain.

According to e-commerce practice, optimizing these keywords may not lead to immediate sales. But it is still a way to create relationships with potential customers in the buying process.

Information on Information Keywords usually answer questions (like how, content, where, etc.) And are ideal for creating content that contains directions and answers to questions.

An additional advantage of optimization for informational purposes is to provide an overview of the sent code section (zero) for its contents so that it can beat the leading edge of the list of other content currently in the top ten, even if I don’t do it. Otherwise, competing with a domain name that shares this content is essential.

Choosing keywords optimized for informational purposes is the best way to express yourself as an authority, which is especially important when selling informational products such as online courses and e-books.

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Investigational Intent

Experimental research can describe as an intermediary between researching information and researching transactions.

This is not a transaction directly (users looking for these problems may not be ready to make a purchase), but they represent users who are lower in the sales funnel than in searching for information.

When people participate in experimental studies, they can try to compare prices and different product functions or deepen their understanding of something (doing research).

Experimental intentions are usually not included in the three main types of research, but it makes sense to develop this type of intensive hybrid considering the goals of commerce.

Some keywords for this type of intent include comparison, for men, for women, alternatives, learning, and better.

As a rule, you should optimize the content of these keywords to convince potential customers that you are better than the competition.

Transactional Intent

Transaction searches are performed when the customer is ready to buy something. They are often called high commercial keywords.

Some keywords that indicate a transaction attempt include sales, coupon, price, purchase, sale, free shipping, where to buy, discount, and message.

Product keywords (“winter wear,” “coffee makers”), specific products (iPhone XS, Samsung S9), and brand search can also be keyword signals to search for transactions.

Use these keywords to create optimized product pages and local SEO content.

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In addition to searching for long-term keywords, you should also specify keywords with opportunities, that is, words that take 11-20 places and have a good search volume — a low degree of difficulty.

Combine this by creating an editorial calendar that reflects a strategy that optimizes each type of intent. Focus not only on maximizing the goal of the transaction but also on creating a complete sales funnel that reaches users at different stages of the customer’s path, creating content that matches each type of intent.

Wrapping Up: How to Effectively Perform Keyword Research for Ecommerce

Keyword research is a fundamental step in developing an e-commerce SEO strategy. Great, it provides useful information about tactics and plans to use.

Try to turn to keyword searches from two different perspectives: start from the beginning with your research and then watch your competitors.

Just focus on the right metrics: search volume is not one to identify keywords that will ultimately lead to conversion in e-commerce.

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