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Automated Lead Generation: Facebook Introduces It in Messenger
 Facebook is now rolling out automated lead generation, which allows brands to qualify leads in Messenger and go on with the conversation in their preferred channel.

This feature is designed to be used with click ads to send a conversation between a business and a Facebook user.

By clicking on a Click-to-Messenger ad, the user will see a series of automated questions that can be answered by filling in or answering for free.

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The automated lead generation system is also designed to track by sending reminders to users when they do not answer questions.

Businesses can integrate Messenger CRM with their service providers to collect customer information and identify qualified features. Then, the pages can continue the conversation manually via Inbox, page manager, or third-party instant messaging service provider.

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Facebook said the company would see results, improve Messenger prospects, and continue to connect with potential customers on the channel they want.

“RIFTTax is a British financial services company that uses the generation generatedby Messenger to increase its customer base in the armed forces and increase itsqualified potential customer base by 42%. By following Messenger, a RIFT taxcan respond for 10 minutes and get a higher 18% resolution over the phone.“

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PotentialMessenger clients enable businesses to connect with customers conveniently and straightforwardly.

Facebook cited a survey that over 61% of respondents in the United States, Brazil, and India consider communication the easiest and most beautiful way to connect with your business.

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