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 Is this true Google June Update Making Use of Wikipedia to Judge Websites? Here we know. Mercola’s alternative health site brought out they have lost 99% of their traffic from the June 2019 Google Broad Core update. The article quotes the Quality Raters Guidelines and declares that Google’s algorithm targets websites with negative sentiment in Wikipedia.

Could Google be using Wikipedia to lower the rankings of websites?

Mercola Claims Wikipedia Responsible for Ranking Drops

Dr Mercola referred to several articles they read online that the negative statement in published on Wikipedia is because Google prevented Mercola’s rating from health issues.

According to Dr Mercola:

“Google is now manually managing unwanted content rating, depending on the author or Wikipedia website’s website.”

Selective Quotes Can Be Misleading

This statement is based on the quality control guide content. The reference Part is a description of the website used by Wikipedia’s quality review to verify the credibility of the website.

But this is an election offer. The election reference means someone becomes a part of the statement to prove a point. But when you read it in the entire context, the views disappear.

For example, it looks like someone else mentions that “I beat my son …” In reality, the person said: “I have to pay my son a monopoly Beat. “

Quality control guide has complete frameworks using modern search parameters in Google to access Yelp and other sites and social network users’ comments on those sites.

This search for a website’s reputation is beyond consultation with Wikipedia.

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What Does Quality Guide Say? – Google June Update Making Use of Wikipedia

“Use credibility research to understand what real users and experts think about the Site – reviews, references, expert advice, news articles and reliable information about people born or written about the Site. Find.

Evaluation of news articles, Wikipedia articles, blog posts, magazine articles, forum scenes and independent organizations can be a source of credible information. Information. “

Google Offers Tips for Using Advanced Search Operators.

“Take an example, try one or more of the following Google searches:

● [Site IBM:]: IBM’s search does not include pages on

● [Site “”:]: Find “” by leaving web pages on

● [IBM review site:] IBM reviews for reviews, not including pages on

● [Avis “” – Site:]:Excluding pages on, see comments on “”.

● For content creators, try searching for their nameor alias »

Wikipedia’s reference is a part of the quality guide, which can see reputation information to provide feedback on the quality of results. Investigation

There is nothing in these instructions, including the use of advanced search operators, which indicates that Google’s algorithm uses Wikipedia to use.

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This section has estimated that the reputation rating using Google Wikipedia is extremely high.

It is not proof that Wikipedia uses Google algorithms.

Google Algorithm and Quality Guidelines – Google June Update Making Use of Wikipedia

There is a mistake that many SEOs make today to understand that the content in the shows the contents of the Google Algorithms. This is a mistake.

The quality guide is a quality test manual explaining a website’s evolution to evaluate experimental changes in the Google algorithm.

For example, John Mueller recently reviewed the algorithms by finding the findings and recently reviewed any algorithm (see video here).

“The quality of our team deployment is basically when the Google team improves the algorithm.

Therefore, we will send a list of search results for quality reviewers with a version of this type of change, and if there is no such change, you will see the results are better and why they are better.

We have a standard relative guide to help you assess these two results.

People who test the quality diagnostic guide must use Wikipedia to verify their website credentials. But you should also repay the use of blogs, newspapers, review sites and advanced search operators to search for websites.

This is appropriate; follow the instructions below: Google reviews that if Google returns to a high-quality website, the quality review has been verified.

This is an improvement in Wikipedia for viewers of Wikipedia, which means Google also uses Google to decide the website’s credibility.

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Does Google Use Wikipedia for Reputation Analysis?

I have yet to find any research or patent that describes the use of Wikipedia for analyzing the website’s reputation. The research in such a solution is using Wikipedia in the YouTube channel status and the identities of Wikipedia that are part of the same name.

Another Slovak researcher is an expert in the patent. I did not show that the search for Wikipedia links, Bill Slaw ski searches on the Site of Bill Slaw ski’s SEO By The Sea, and Google’s Wikipedia publication is used to analyze the reputation.

SEO Theoretical Problem

This concept defines something. This principle is based on proof, such as experiences.

SEO has many beliefs and ideas. An overview is something that Google uses or does not think of as a lack of evidence, such as Google research or patents (or universities or Microsoft other research institutes).

The teacher is based on zero-proof evidence as an abstract study. Most of the concepts are wrong.

The truth is that it is still in Google’s standard-level calculation process, and Google’s validation and algorithmic instructions on Google change that statement of judge Wikipedia needs an assessment. Period

It will be a mistake to read between the reflective lines that the result is that it is directly related to the Google Algorithm.

Bill Slaw ski Status in Wikipedia

I asked Bill Slaw ski if he knew about Wikipedia’s use to analyze patent respect and ratings.

The algorithm does not explain how the first rate is, but what it should be primarily done “(evaluation for quality evaluation)” the standard evaluation of the proposed Ben Gomez “.

I have yet to see evidence that I can use classification information as per the Google Company credentials or website content standards mentioned in Wikipedia and PayPal Google Patent. “

Then I asked Bill how Google used to use the Quality Assurance Guide to rank the Site:

“The estimation is trying to make engineers R& D’s search result pages only human, but they provide tools to help publish publishing Google’s comments instead.”

Bill Slaw ski also mentioned that in 2018 Google Search Wikipedia used Wikipedia to understand the relationship between words and words. Their investigation focuses on understanding the context. Wikipedia is not about ranking judges and websites using Wikipedia.

This is an example of trusting Google Search on Wikipedia.

This research is called open source BERT: advanced technology for pre-training automatic language processing.

Does Google Judge the Site’s Reputation?

In 2010, Google officially announced the launching of a dynamic analysis of the Site. Blog Post Written by Former Head of Google Search “The customer who is bad is not good for your business.”

Add links to an article in the New York Times, which gives the impression that the bad trader on the Site shows that the negative news of the company has been well-evaluated.

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It is part of the announcement: – Google June Update Making Use of Wikipedia.

“… In recent times, we have developed an algorithm solution to detect merchants listed in the” Times “article, hundreds of other traders, and what we believe in very common user experience. Provide.

The algorithm included in our investigation classroom is the first solution to this problem. Google users have a better experience now. “

Then, the article “2007 and” the great emotional analysis of the blogs “(PDF) was linked to the 2007’s research paper.

The research report states:

“We recognize public opinion about each of the hundreds of thousands of organizations we follow and have been prepared overtime.”

Another version of this paper is longer and more complete (download PDF here)

The long version of the result is as follows:

“There are many interesting instructions to find, we are interested in demographic groups, information sources, or geographical places.” We can identify a given institution by increasing the local analysis of the new institution at the point of emotion. Illegal.

We are still investigating whether our trust index offers changes in future emotional or market behavior. “

There is also a Google Research PDF from 2008 called, Leveraging User Annotations in Sentiment Summarization. It overviews removing the positive or negative sentiment in user reviews.

Use the 57-page pdf of user comments in the opinion of the opinion.

The user’s 28-page PDF comment is used in the summary of emotions.

Does Google Algorithm Use Sentiment Analysis?

So far, I have written a fame analysis. However, it is often referred to as dynamic analysis. Analysis of emotions in the mid-2000 was the subject of many studies. Google continues to research this topic.

One of the most recent titles is “Multi-class Multilingual Classroom Emotions using Conversion Networks”.

This document proposes an oral-free approach to evaluate people’s views of products and activities (sensor analysis).

The research report states: – Google June Update Making Use of Wikipedia.

“This article describes a model of free language to analyze different types of emotions using a simple therapy network architecture… The advantage of the proposed model is that.

It depends on language specifications, such as a morphological, dictionary or morphological or artificial pre-processing.

The social network has revolutionized the revolution by transforming users from inactive and insufficient recipients. It has a direct impact on its business, product and government.

Maximum user posts are opinions about products and brands that influence buying and affect the reliability of other consumer brands. Negative online reviews are important for any business’s credibility, competition and survival. “

There is no evidence that Google uses such a system to analyze emotions. However, the facts of this investigative work make good proof of this concept, which has been studied and ideologically possible. The most interesting thing is that it is without any Wikipedia on social media such as Twitter.

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Takeaway: There is no evidence that Google uses Wikipedia to review the Site.

  1. Google does not have a patent or research document which explains the process of extracting emotional information to rank Wikipedia.
  2. Records in the standard guide need to be more accurate to understand how to search for a website because it is clear that the algorithms of Google do the same.

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