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 Learn how to use video to get links. I first wrote about using videos, specifically on YouTube, for link-building back in 2010. Here is my opening paragraph from that piece:

“Nylon Magazine (Yes, I know I am a very old thread), I started entering a YouTube link in every of your print magazine articles to get media and marketing modes for offline modes. The best way to use it. Line Jamie Oliver has sent an email to users through a video message; this is your YouTube channel (you’ve guessed).

If you are studying this today, it looks unique.

It seems very basic.

At this time, it was new.

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Now, video is everywhere.

  • Today, YouTube is not the only player but still very powerful. Violet, Wave, Daily Motion and Tokyo are four claimants; others will appear.
  • Videos are usually connected to bulletins and websites.
  • Webinars are incredible and can be viewed or recorded live.
  • Well, attend Google Hangouts or meet GoToMeeting.
  • We watched our friends on Facebook live.
  • Ofcourse, we share the videos with all possible sources of social media as possible.

Look at the Cisco data:

  • By 2022, real-time video on the internet will represent 17% of all video traffic. The live video will multiply between 2017 and 2022.
  • Internet video will triple between 2017 and 2022. By 2022, internet TV video will represent 27 per cent of Internet users’ fixed Internet video traffic.
  • By 2022, video demand from the public (VOD) traffic will be almost doubled. By 2022, UVV traffic will equal 10 billion DVDs per month.
  • By 2022, the Global IP Video Traffic will represent 82% of all IP traffic(professional and users) in 2017, increasing by 757%. Global IP video traffic will be the light from 2017 to 2022. An annual mix of 29% growth. Internet video traffic is expected to increase from 2017 to 2022, with a total annual growth rate of 33%.

Ofcourse, the video will not disappear.

Create a video to get a link: basic concepts.

Do your homework: Use video to get links.

With any content, before making a video, the first step should be a quick look at what to do there:

  • Do the videos work well?
  • Who gets more work and feedback?
  • What is the difference between these and everything? (There are many ways to get this information, but the two most popular tools are Explorer and BuzzSumo).

It is important to remember that you cannot measure the success of the number of links in the video.

The video can get 3 links, but it is shared 500 times on Twitter, 5,000 visits, and then 4 people who want to use your product or services will be able to contact you after viewing this video.

Don’t you call it a success?

Take the new things on the table.

Making links with the video is one of the most important concerns ever.

With any other content, you have to decide how your video stands.

If you are serving gardening and watching a video of cutting 500 roses, make a video of the oldest or oldest roses in the country or create a series of videos, each specific to the country. Area

Always remember good lighting and sound. Reminding them all seems ridiculous, but I’ve seen a very bad video.

Video to Get Links

People need to see your voice, or the sound needs to be stronger / background noise to sit inside.

Make sure the video looks good on your phone. With the number of mobile phone users, it is a matter of consideration. Remember to share your video easily.

It works for YouTube, but if you’ve connected your video, you should ensure it’s ready on your site.

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YouTube – Use video to get links

Start reviewing some data

  • 1.9 billion users connect to YouTube each month.
  • Every day, people watch over one billion hours of video.
  • YouTube has been launched in 80 different languages ​​in almost 100 countries.
  • YouTube is currently the most popular website in the world, just Google.

Going back to our example of roses, we see that the first page of the “tunnelroses” on the first page of the search is the result of YouTube results. In many cases, there are three YouTube results.

In other words, without video, you lose the opportunity to get more SERP than real life and lose the opportunity to show you, which could potentially create interesting links.

Let’s log in to the search engine on YouTube. There are currently 6,800 users and hundreds of videos.

As a columnist for search engine magazines, I’m skewed, but it’s great content. As a link creator, my dream is great content.

This site appears as one of the 10 lists in the spiral during the search for a YouTube Channel [Search Engine Journal] brand. So, it is a good way to increase the real estate brand on the first page.

Each of them has an opportunity to link with any content because we are interested in links here.

Why is the video so useful?

You can put a video to make it more attractive on your website. When you try to connect with a relationship, each of these resources can be used as a resource through guidance.

You can create a playlist and provide it as a resource. You can add transit and timestamps to the site where the video is embedded.

Each of these videos may appear in the SERP during a search of a minor search or video.

When you send a newsletter via email, you can tell a special video to subscribe to. We can find out what your new series is.

You can ask questions that people want to answer in the next video.

If you are a fan of Sky Scroller technology, you can find content, improve the content and then connect to people who are currently promoting the original content; then the video is the best way to stand out.

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A real-world example – Use video to get links

A few months back, I participated in a video discussing strengthening the links between the old schools. This video is part of a series of videos in which siege media is working, which is catalogued on YouTube and the site.

For the first time, video clips were played instead of all the clips and were played separately for a few weeks before the release was released.

You can do so much content with video clips, distribute it and sell yourself, and then do the same with the whole part.

So, you have Timestamp, which is very useful for those who want to be right. Both video clips are connected to the Timestamp.

Presentations are a note which refers to our discussion and how we follow us on the social network. There is a section on the social network.

The association also includes podcast versions and brand channels on YouTube. More internal links allow visitors to access the site.

It helps to provide a great user experience. It is also remarkable.

When we consider making a video a link, it’s more than just a real link.

It would be great if it happened, but it’s more about using video to attract interest in attracting content directly or indirectly.

I will finish the original work with another reference:

This link is not applied to all demographic groups or the lowlands. It may be a great way to attract more traffic to trendy websites, but there are better ways to attract more traffic to your website on your retirement benefits. Some demographic groups have yet to use many social networking sites.

It’s not true now.

As far as I know, almost every social network and video are considered to be the power of the video.

The speed that changes is interesting.

Summary – Use video to get links

Calendar: I expect 1 or 2 links every month, but I expect more social exchange. In 6months, I expect at least ten links.

Exam results: After a few hours of operation, you can get a request for conversion or information regarding the contact form or email service. I hope the video has a high position within a month in key terms.

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The average number of links sent every month: 2 or more

Essential tools:

  • Respect
  • Buzz Sumo
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • in vivo
  • Daily exercise
  • Offender
  • google hangouts
  • Live Facebook
  • Go to a meeting

Benefits of using a video to create a link:

  • The content associated with the video is a great way to enhance your visual interest and add more to your marketing toolbox.
  • Today we should consider using video to attract brand awareness and attract its content by looking at the fierce competition.

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