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 In a new report, e Marketer states that using voice assistants has become a “critical mass.”

The use of voice assistants increased by 9.5% from 2019 to last year. In contrast, voice assistants increased by 27% in 2018 and 24% in 2017.

As a result, the use of voice smoke smokers continues to grow, but at a much slower rate than in previous years.

Voice assistants are estimated to use at least 111.8 million voice assistants in the United States this year, or 39.4% of US Internet users, at least monthly. UU. And 33.8% of the population.

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By 2021, the United States is expected to have several donors. UU. Reaches 122.7 million, equivalent to 36.6% of the US population.

Not surprisingly, more people use voice emitters on their smartphones than on smartphones. However, the use of voice control in smart speakers is increasing.

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According to E Marketer, 77 million users in the United States use smartphones this year. This figure is expected to reach 88 million by 2021.

According to a study last year, smart speakers often use built-in audio assistants.

According to a survey, 32% of people have smart speakers, and 71% use voice commands daily.

In the future, integration with many units will increase the development of voice assistants in the coming years.

Voice Assistant will continue integrating with other technologies such as vehicles, clothing, connected TV, home appliances, and other smart devices.

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The most common tasks of voice assistants are getting directions, making phone calls, listening to music, and finding local stores.


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