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 More advertisers could now display ads in Facebook’s search results, a placement that has been in testing since last year.

Search ads on Facebook were first announced in December by many companies in the United States.

As you build your ad campaign, more and more advertisers will likely see Facebook search as an investment option.

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This is a current understanding of the relatively new advertising options.

What you need to know about advertising on Facebook.

“Facebook Search” is an additional site option when creating news campaigns.

It’s finally here after months of speculation about “Facebook Search” placement.

Facebook: Reach people with relevant ads based on their search terms

Drop shippers: {fill in the blanks in comments for fun}



Me: I told you all back in ’94

h/t peter kostjukov #ppcchat

— Steven Johns (@stevenjohns21) July 25, 2019

Facebook Search is now available as an ad placement! 🤯#socialmedia #facebookadvertising

— Anna Pas (@annapas_dublin) July 25, 2019

Well, hello there, little friend…

We can now target folk based on their Facebook searches.

Time to play this afternoon! 😀

— Susan Winograd (@SusanEDub) July 25, 2019

It means a company cannot place ads on Facebook search results without putting ads in the news source.

Facebook(e.g., news ads) Search ads marked as “sponsors.” It can be displayed as a still image or as a carousel.

Unlike Google ads, you do not need to target specific keywords or phrases when you show your ads on Facebook.

Read also: VoiceSearch: Google Returns with Google Assistant on Android Devices.

When your company places ads on Facebook’s search, you’ll see search terms related to your company’s products.

So, the best way to know about multiple keywords is to see where they appear on your company’s Facebook page.

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