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 A survey of the top 10 million sites uncovers that only 25.1% use JSON-LD structured data. Google has stated that JSON-LD is their favored structured data. 

Using JSON-LD becomes more essential as Google Assistant becomes more ever-present in the home and the automobile.

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What is JSON-LD Structured Data?

JSON-LD Structured data is a script that can be placed anywhere on a Web page to transfer structured data from

It can be in the main section and contains all other metadata, such as title tags and meta descriptions. You can also place it near the end of the code next to the closing body tag.

JSON-LD is superior to other structured data methods because it is easy to model and implement on the Web site without changing the HTML code.

How Many Websites Use Structured Data?

W3techs. com conducted the study, and 46.3% of the website analysis and analysis did not use structured data.

Of the sites using JSON-LD, 25.1% added to 46.3% of sites that do not use structured data, resulting in 71.4.

You are subtracting 71.4 from 100 results in 28.6% of sites using structured data types other than JSON-Ld.

Websites often use several structured data types simultaneously, resulting in mixed results. Therefore, the percentage of results needs to be more accurate.

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It is also a survey of Alexa’s ten best websites. These sites may not reflect the actual state of the entire network.

But this is an excellent way to understand the state of the network.

Google prefers JSON-LD structured data. JSON-LD is becoming increasingly critical because voice search via Google Assistants is becoming increasingly popular on TV and in cars.

You must add the site if your site does not use structured data. Ensure that structured data that does not match the page’s content is considered spam, which can lead to manual functionality and be implemented correctly.

Do You Need to Migrate Your Structured Data to JSON-LD?

If you are using another version of the structured data from WrightIMC’s Tony Wright, you have asked to consider switching to JSON-LD on your site. Tony is a great SEO expert, and I admire him very much.

Then Tony said:

We recommend using JSON-LD. Understanding the basics is more comfortable to apply. It recommended that all users who use structured data are looking for the possibility of switching to JSON-LD. “

Then I asked Dave Davis of BeanStalkIM. This is another marketer I admire, he said.

“Imay respond very quickly to the public. I can summarize my answer with apicture.”

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I Agree with Tony and Dave.

It’s a good idea to update structured data with JSON-LD. It is a better system than others due to its flexibility and individual integration strategies. As Tony reminds me, JSON-LD is Google’s first choice.

It is essential to study evolution to achieve and maintain the best classification.

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You can control what you can dispose of. However, JSON-LD has all components that are highly rated. Is it best to switch to JSON-LD and Google right?

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