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 Here are 5 big warning signs of the worst SEO or digital marketing agencyOut of my 20-year career, 10 were spent at a digital marketing agency.

This is what I learned to cut my teeth, to prepare a deck card, and the right to talk to the client (which is not known yet), and that’s why.

Are we perfect?

Of course not, but we are honest, accept our promise, and are dedicated to our customer’s best interests.

Asa private consultant as a private consultant, the first part of my career, which in such a way – honesty and enthusiasm.

Even if things are not good, I comply with the client and tell them about the profession and idea. Overall, transparency is necessary to maintain and maintain these relationships.

However, in the world, only honest people want to take their money.

Now, I have pointed out that, in the last 15 years, these companies and individuals are based on their interactions to identify and avoid their practices and to work with strong SEO professionals. Be sure.

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  1. Ask for your data/connection.

A Mark of issues dealing with agents/advisors is asking for full control to access your access credentials, data, and reports.

Many companies say, “I hope I will take care of it, which I have paid so that they should take care of everything as an excuse, ” but they do not know how to do dangerous work between the two companies.

Assume that you reached the point where you want to avoid working with your agent/consultant, unfortunately, but this happens.

In this case, many flexible agencies/consultants will do the best for them so that they maintain your data and connections for connections.

It can lead to conflicts of law that may take months or even more years; in the worst case, you will be forced to create a new connection and add a new tracking code to your website.

I’ve seen it frequently, especially in small businesses.

The lesson for learning: Starting any business relationship should be based on trust, but it’s a two-way way.

When these people belong to the SEO perspective, “Management of Everything”, check their background and references; if they cannot provide any reference, please see them elsewhere.

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  1. They guarantee #1 rankings/top results –

I always think businesses win business with SEO’s professional slogan, “Weguarantee number one”, but they are there, and people hire them.

Look at the ad I searched for “SEO” on Google.

Home rating guarantee? Tell me your secret, look at the magician.

They will keep you from knowing what they will get on page 1.

Any real SEO page can have specific ratings that generate traffic, revenue or quality traffic on your website.

This common technique is used to help you with less honest organizations and consultants. How it works:

  • They call you to discuss your website. This will give you a long email on an independent audit or something such as the above misleading advertisements that will be used to make it; what is it just with Google? We have always seen that you were removed because of their website; you should be worried about putting things into your account, Boss Yada Yadav.
  • You are just scared of someone you want to manage, and because of this, you can fully understand all biological research operations; all the issues have been explained that they need to be resolved because they Give a chance.
  • The work has started. After a few weeks, you’ll see that some keywords are going to the first page and meeting their needs to ensure the results are first; they are very happy. You cannot believe that you have never worked with them and cannot wait to start the business.
  • After a few months, the rating continued, but there was no new business. No new tracks. Just rating
  • Explain that SEO is a slow process, and patience will see new results weekly, but never invest any mourning wear in explaining what’s happening. This is good news for them, everything is fine, but you do not get any comments.
  • Finally, after more than 6 months, you start searching for “wins”; you know, there are almost no keyword-related companies for monthly searches. He thinks he is likely to cheat, contact the public, get extraordinary answers and cancel the process of his commitment.

PSA: The Google Algorithm is a huge flow of mathematical formulas in space, learning our learning through synthetic intelligence and learning the results of their control on its basis.

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The lesson is that no one can guarantee that the algorithm of Google and even the algorithm is not self. If any of us may be, then we will be very rich and not be so worried.

  1. Tell their stories, not your stories – Warning Signs of a Worst SEO.

According to the data report, another warning signal is not very important to the agency/consultant if your report always tells you stories, not yours.

They are doing good things, have they done well, and should pay more for the next restoration.

They never talk about anything, work, do not work, and give lesson lessons to ensure the current game, which is sometimes more important than victory itself.

Knowing the half story will affect your business and your education. Due to the stability, your agent/consultant hurts you because you cannot learn from your mistakes.

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In this mode, the institutions/consultants are always afraid to tell you because they do not want to show their “secret recipe”; they can do everything.

The truth is that this formula usually means that the country meets its current state, which has many tests and errors that are very valuable for all participants.

Here’s a lesson to ensure you do not work and what works. If it is not necessary if you are happy or not, it’s better to fully complete this picture.

4. Association is positioned as a transaction

It would help if you always focused on how agents/consultants offer you because it shows how relationships work.

People who want to help you will tell you they want to help you, and those who do not help will notify you about your service fee and monthly meeting structure. This is the difference between the job of the partners and the suppliers.

A partner will be with you; the storm will overcome you when things do not come well, and celebrate success as a team.

The provider will send you an invoice.

If an agency/consultant comes, after two hours, he gives his time, talks about his greatness and does not give any idea of ​​what he can do for you. This relationship cannot be very effective.

While offering to slide, everything is okay, and you should always look for people who are investigating your brand and can be provided with information that can help you get it. Is. These are based on all the data. These people look at your business; even though you are billed monthly, you do not pay the fee.

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The lesson for learning is always searching for partners, not just looking for other suppliers.

  1. Their case studies are outdated – Warning Signs of a Worst SEO.

When showing the slide, it would help if you always asked about this year’s project/result. One of the biggest disadvantages of biological research is that people’s study time is time.

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