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 Google John Mueller settled a misunderstanding about whether there’s a ranking benefit to catching all outbound links as no follow.

This topic was recently discussed in Google’s central webmaster chat:

“How do you see how some critical publishers use rel=nofollow to mark all outgoing links?

The reason is that through the links below, you lose link juice and become worse. “

Mueller did not shrug his shoulders and said in a hard way that this assumption was “completely wrong.”

Using the Nofollow attribute in all outgoing links can cause problems, as this is an unnatural way to create web links.

Read the letter from the A One Sol president here.

This is Mueller’s answer:

“So, this is wrong. Using regular links on your website is no worse than placing nofollow on all outgoing links.

Even the opposite, if you have regular links on your site, you may eventually get a higher rating, mainly because we see that you are part of a consistent web ecosystem.

Therefore, when you mark all outgoing links as nofollow, they have no advantage in classification. “

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Why Do Some Sites Use Rel = Nofollow in All Links? Google John Mueller

Let’s return to the first question: Mueller allows some sites to use the Nofollow attribute in all outgoing links.

He said they did it to stay safe. No Advantage to Catching All Nofollow Outbound Links.Publications may need to know which link to guarantee so they do not need to follow everything.

According to Google’s John Mueller, this is problematic because publishers must be able to protect what they write.

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Your answer is:

“Iknow, I don’t know which links you can trust. But in general, if you are a newseditor, you have to believe what you write.”

Or you should be able to understand which part of the content you are writing is the actual content you want to index and what you want to present.

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If this is what you want to protect, make sure you have a standard link. “

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Listen to Mueller’s full statement in the following video, starting at 55:13:

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