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 Google’s Martin Split uncovered the company is doing work on ways of bringing Search Console data to third-party platforms.

In a recent Google Webmaster YouTube Channel video, Split said, “This will be API to integrate data from this console.”

This video focuses on future SEO and the web’s interactions. Some of Google’s future plans include more search engine data, which already contain locations. Google third-party content platforms

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Split should is vague but strongly recommends moving data by searching the console in the large content management system on the web.

Google is now allowing third-party content platforms to access Search Console data, providing more insight into how website content is performing in search results. This move aims to improve the quality of content on the web and provide publishers with more data to make informed decisions about their content strategy.

We want [web admins] to refrain from specifically engaging in a search console. Now they use them to deal with these interfaces and then use them to deal with new things.

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So, we take data on those platforms, and finally, when we use data and how much data is necessary and useful for third parties, we will open these interfaces.“

Google wants to reduce the need to access the search console to retrieve data directly to find data consultants.

The solution is still in its initial condition, but with the trust assurance that it will be implemented eventually.

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