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 WordPress Addresses 61.6% of Vulnerable Publishers.

PHP is the primary scripting language for running WordPress. The latest version is PHP7.3.7.

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PHP is updated continuously to increase efficiency and solve security problems. Except for the version that reached the status of Final Life (EOL). PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0 arrived at EOL in December 2018.

PHP 7.1 will be released on EOL in December 2019.

According to WordPress official statistics, 45.3% of WordPress publishers use their PHP 5.6 and 7.0 sites.

Another 16.3% of WordPress editors use versions up to 5.6.

A total of 61.6% of WordPress editors use versions of PHP that no longer receive security updates.

Note. These figures are 0.1% higher than 100%. 38.5% of sites use valid PHP + 61.6% with an interrupted version of PHP = 100.1%. These numbers are from Big W.

61.6% of WordPress Editors are Vulnerable

This means that 61.6% of WordPress users may be susceptible to piracy. The Big w proposal is to update all outdated PHP users with the reminder screen. This means that all users who overwrite WordPress 5.6 and earlier versions and those who still use version 7.0.

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The following is the proposed schedule:

  1. “The roadmap that went ended to increase the smallest version of PHP:
  2. See PHP Update widget for PHP5.6. This activates devices on your dashboards with PHP 5.6 or earlier releases and WordPress 5.1+, as well as alerts, so we recommend that you update the version of the PHP table for people.
  3. See PHP Update widget for users of PHP 7.0 and earlier.
  4. Based on the support and statistics in paragraphs 1 and 2, analyze the opportunity to see the PHP update widget for PHP 7.1 or the lowest version of PHP 7.2. “

Big W Suggestions for Nag Screen Widgets

A formal Big W sentence requires a reminder screen. The screen prompts users to update their PHP.

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Here is what the official announcement says:

“I suggest enabling PHP update widgets for PHP 5.6 users in Big W.

At the time of this writing, Big W statistics showed:

PHP 5.6split is 29.1%

The share of PHP 7.0 is 16.2%

PHP 7.1 has a 13.2% usage charge.

The first reminder screen may begin to look at the annoying window in 2019 and will be confirmed on August 5 or 5 later.

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The following is the proposed schedule:

“Were commend starting with PHP 5.6 or lower for users on August 5. A warning tourers of PHP 7.0 viewing time publishes updated recommendations on subsequent articles, support downloads, and previously increased admission rates and other factors.”

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