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 I pore over a blog post that gave poor link-building advice. The article was about getting links to the home page. I think knowing how many links are going to the home page is essential.

It is a mystery if there is an optimal relationship between the website and the deep link. Google does not publish this information. Therefore, the ideas in this article should define in their conclusions.

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Up to 50% of the links on the website: something terrible?

They blogs suggest that 30% to 50% of the links on the website are ideal for reality.

Observations or research are not compatible with the link targets on the website, nor do they support 30% and 50%. These percentages reflect the goals that arise from the difficulty of providing natural links to the product pages.

The SEO blog also expresses its opinion (not compatible) that websites often return links to other sites.

The links outside the website are considered the statistical quality of the sites that create unnatural links. According to an analytical study of incoming link patterns, a 2006 study entitled “Features and detection oflinked spam” showed that websites with inbound links tend to flow to the site.

According to the survey, websites that do not contain spam contain more links to internal pages than sites. See part 3 of the study (PDF).

A few years ago, I started using SEO tools to search for multiple search queries in different niches to find websites with deep link relations. I continued to monitor the link-building strategy. There are many tools for carrying home link indicators.

I found that the percentage of incoming links to sites in the top 10 Google SERPs tends to be deeper than the links on the website. It is only the case in some areas.

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Here are some exceptions: – Link building

1. For issues with geographical components, higher-level websites tend to have higher relationships between home and left. It makes sense because the site is the answer to local problems.

  1. Company page

Some pages in the company are dry and do not contain linkable content on the inside.

  1. The theme of the competition

Websites that need natural links to create internal pages are rare. For example, which blogger or web publisher would enthusiastically link to a payday loan or gaming site?

Deep-link to the website

The best-ranked online stores have many links to sites with deep relationships.

Some websites, such as service station tags, often have more links to the site. It may reflect the natural link model.

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Will too many links to the site affect your ranking?

I don’t think Google uses deep links between relationships on the site to determine if the site is spam. Many Fortune 500 sites contain more content than internal web links. Of course, the website for the deep link signal itself cannot predict spam on the page.

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It is better to create a link in the internal page ad instead of creating a link to the website in the hope that enough PageRank goes to the critical product page. The ring is a vote. It tells Google that one page is essential.

Therefore, it is logical to have a natural and relevant link to the product page that is better than a link to the website. That is why, in my experience, creating an emotional connection to the website you want to improve as a stimulus link to the site is better.

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