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 Description of Ad Inserter Vulnerability

There are two risks.

Authenticated Path Traversal Exploit

The first weakness is called dangerous exploits in a compelling way. There is the risk of ad inserter version 2.4.19 and below.

It is exploitation that allows the invaders to access the site area by adding variables to URLs. It will allow an attacker to “cross” a space that will enable it to lets the coding process or view private information.

According to the CWE (general weakness count) on the website run by Homeland Security in the United States, the following is how the road works through the path:

“This software uses external input to build a way to identify a file or directory in a restricted list, but the software does not properly disable the specific element of this route. The solution can solve in a place. “

The second threat is marked as a critical threat. The Word Fence team Friday detected July 12 on Friday, and the advertiser immediately corrected the second day of the weekend, July 13, 2019.

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Remote Code Processing Verification

The second threat is called Remote Code Execution (RCE). It allows registered users to get the same discrimination on the site as long as users perform any discussion code in WordPress installation.

RCCweakness version 2.4.21 and later advertising information.

According to WordFence’s website:

“Friday, July 12, our team of Ad Inserter found a risk in an AdWordssupplement installed on more than 200,000 websites. Use validation users(subscribers and high), allowing threats to use PHP Autocomplete on implementing a code.

We raised this issue privately with the additive developer and released it the next day of the additive developer.

It is considered a severe security issue. “

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Ad Inserter Plugin Reacted Swiftly and Ethically

Almost all additions and software may have risks. What matters is that developers respond quickly and how they are transparent.

The Ad Inserter team is satisfactory for this fast response and updates transparency. Ad Inserter threatens by the user shown on every user’s latest page. It’s important because it warns users of updates instantly.

The Ad Inserter team is fast and ethical. It is the best experience for WordPress developers.

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