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 When it comes to global projects, you have to deal with some tough challenges that may be about something other than a single market project.

This creates unique challenges for project and team management.

There are several ways to manage a global search project, but we cover the most common methods.

Be itSEM or SEO; most programs are tuned to two types:

  • CentrallyManaged System.
  • LocallyManaged System.

Each of these parameters has its advantages and disadvantages.

I want advice on the three biggest problems most companies face in their global projects.

Whether it’s an internal team, an office, or both, I hope the following help you manage your global projects more effectively and get better results.

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Task 1: Teams of Different Sizes

The globalHQs’ search team is usually much more extensive than each local (foreign)office team.

Also, HQ staff generally communicate more closely with other departments such as marketing, product, IT and content groups.

This means they can better understand and prepare for future changes to the site to provide comments from a search perspective.

Because they have more resources, they can better respond to ambitious implementation plans.

Unfortunately, you often hear that there are no real search teams in your local office. They have one or two employees, or SEM / SEO is part of someone else’s shared responsibility.

The local groups are working hard to achieve an ambitious schedule at HQs.

Tip – Global Projects

Having a large search team at your local office would be better, but it may only change slowly.

The second-best solution is to do as many searches at HQ as possible to influence search results in your local market.

For example, if all local websites use the same template as the HQ website, let the team do all the web work and work on the models, changing the scale and positively impacting all markets.

Many other elements need to be centrally managed by the HQ, such as Hreflang and sitemap creation.

Choosing and managing an SEO / SEM order is different.

He helped the local team by diagnosing and reporting centrally at HQ.

Also, a company can save on costs because, in many places, the same work is not repeated several times.

Review each phase and element of global and local search projects and identify actions to be taken in each market.

Content changes, optimization and text writing are just a few examples that should be provided to the local team.

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Task 2: Different Skill Levels

Leading global search means working with many people with different skills and experiences.

Sometimes he hires new team members from companies of different industries or scales.

Although they may have the experience, different industries mean different target groups and may need to be adapted and trained.

When you see groups in other countries, you may notice different concepts, perspectives and search expectations.

Tip – Global Projects

The centralized study is instrumental, but it is only possible to set some skills to the same level.

However, understanding each local group’s skill level and experience can help manage search projects’ expectations and effectiveness.

Regardless of state of the art, it is vital to provide continuing education for everyone as this will confirm that everyone understands the best practices and guidelines of the company.

In addition to skills, it is useful to understand how each team responds to SEM /SEO and their project expectations.

If the group believes that SEO is unimportant or has no particular expectations for them, they will not be able to participate in the project or follow their recommendations.

If you think some groups are not interested in search projects, find out why they believe in it and analyze the relevance of the search results to the company and the growth potential of specific information markets.

Obtaining membership is only sometimes self-evident; you need to confirm what they consider essential and are ready to participate in the program.

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Task 3: Different Business Goals

Each local office can have a different marketing focus or goals. Supporting these areas and intervention objectives benefits the company because of local interests or competition.

But it also caused difficulties in managing global search projects. Managing SEM is relatively simple, as local offices can operate in their markets.

Problems arise when they add unique content to one site or multiple search engine optimization sites.

When a local agency begins to create its content or microsite, you may encounter the following problems:

  • Duplicate/similar content
  • Competing in SERPs
  • Hreflang
  • Parent/child content generation with CMS

Tip – Global Projects

Good communication between HQ and the local team is an important starting point to avoid potential problems.

Encourage local groups to comment and share with HQ unique content or events that support their local initiatives.

You can exit, support, or even expand your target market for your reasons.

These needs can be integrated into a general search program with prior knowledge of local requirements through extra assistance with HQ to avoid foreseeable problems.

Training with other local groups and HQ can help you achieve your goals.

He wants flexible support for local businesses but should recognize and manage macroeconomic objectives.

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Bonus Tip

Providing best practices and guidance to SEM and SEO will help ensure clarity with best practices, especially at the local level.

Create official recommendations and business guidelines on the following topics:

  • Content creation and localization.
  • URL structure and filename.
  • The brand name in the page title tags, ad copy, etc.
  • Optimize PDFs, videos, images, etc.
  • Monitoring performance, meters, CPI, etc.
  • Structure of the SEM / SEO organization and contact details for the relevant departments.

Most importantly, once you have created them, you must undergo the necessary training to understand and accept all parties involved. Also, check their use regularly.

Having these best practices and online guides is also useful when one of the search teams is working with a representative.

Read the official documentation to learn how to lead and manage the search for global projects.

You want to hear comments from the agency, but it is just as vital that they keep the guidelines and endorse them as a company.

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