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The cause of the widespread outage affecting image uploads on Instagram and Facebook has been shown.

In the company’s tweet tonight on Twitter, the company wrote:

“In our daily maintenance operations, we have found some problems that make people difficult to download or send photos and videos, as soon as possible to get things back as soon as possible. We are working hard and we apologize for any trouble. “

When this article was published, the blocks continued and affected Facebook and Instagram users as much as possible.

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Update(July 3, 7:09 pm): Issues with Facebook and Instagram have been resolved. The remaining articles will continue.

Facebook has confirmed the MQM today at 9:18 pm.


In this photo focusing on the network, the issue appears particularly on the integration, where consumers can not publish photos, videos or stories today. Content published today is always accessible.

There are problems with photos and videos on Facebook, but people can still chat via SMS. On the other hand, the installation does not exist.

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“Facebook and Instagram experienced a widespread outage on July 3rd, 2019. This article explores the causes of the outage and its impact on users and businesses. Get insights into the technical issues and learn how Facebook responded to the incident.

If this is a unique event, the problem will be less worried, but the July 3 registration is one of the many failures this year.

The user is unsatisfied, especially because this situation usually occurs and gets worried.

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