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 Facebook is releasing new tools that give creators the green light to monetize their content differently.

In addition to the new advertising revenue opportunities, Facebook developers offer opportunities to make money directly from other users.

Below is more information about what has been announced.

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New Ad Income Opportunities

Facebook offers more ad delivery options to creators. Creators can now choose pre-rollads or photo videos to be selected in the video instead of preventingunder-stream ads.

Previously, creators could not be selected to enter ads in the video. Facebook will choose the best trading based on user-based and content type.

Make earnings from consumers.

Facebook subscribers subscribe to Fan by giving the capability to offer Subscribergroups only. It allows fans to interact with each other and the creator privately.

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Users can buy virtual stars and send them live during live broadcasters. Then, the star will earn based on the number of stars received.

What did the user get from him? Apart from supporting the satisfaction of independent creators, when their names stand in the broadcast, their impact increases a bit.

Creators test Facebook stars.

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Creator’s new features in the studio

The Facebook Creator Studio applies to the following updates:

MonetizationSummary: View and manage the most connected products in one place.

Instagram and IGTV Integration: Content monitoring, management, and publishing tools for instructors and IG TV sources will be sent to the Creator Studio.

Audience retention information: New information in which video creators help improve demographics, view behaviour, audience interests, and video timing.

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