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 CCN & the al go update fallout

But we were scared. Specifically, National CCC reported its decrease in 90% reduction in its organic exhibition, due to which it was closed.

While nobody wants to see other people lose their jobs, their “Google needs” reduce the complexity of Google algorithms, and they misunderstand how they work.

A prediction of the three-month algorithm updates, what is the effect of it?

Will communication directly with news sites in the main drop in organic exhibitions?

Global Working Group that analyses future algorithm updates?

Lucky you

Later, it looks like Google’s organic behavior has not affected the CCN’s organic traffic, but the site is not without its problems.

Let’s be clear: If your business depends on natural traffic, especially if it’s two pages at a time, you will play a dangerous game.

Although the CCC later published an article that although they “rehabilitate the patients”, I want to give some more general feedback about the current state of the investigation.

I also want to highlight a few steps that SEO professionals in Pakistan can take to improve algorithm updates.

Google is controlling the delivery of the web.

While Google’s current beliefs and actions are not well-thought, they have an unlimited target to continue controlling and growing Internet communications.

See some recent examples:

  • Publishers are more or less compelled to adopt MPAs for organic exhibitions, basically the Google framework.
  • Google deletes and publishes content from other sites in the results of your sites to delete clicks.
  • Now, maximum requests for information are processed in the SERP.
  • Google can overwrite the specific tags of the user and other versions of the Index page.
  • Google will re-write the page title and meta description to improve the user’s intent.
  • Google products now organize local businesses, job offers, hotels and flights.

Previously most of the content had no news, but it is worth mentioning that Google controls our content delivery.

If we look at a fully-targeted powerful game, it is considered to standardize the distribution of information in the context of Google hardware design. After all, who still needs to be answered the real question?

Google has taken a place that cannot be trusted on-site to generate well-made, high-performing sites with generally reliable indexing, internationalization and other signals.

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Instead, Google Web is trying to resolve these issues by standardizing user experience and keeping it on its platforms.

This is great in terms of user experience, but from the SEO perspective, at least we turn from traffic sources, depending on many sites.

The problem is that Google does not compete (sorry, Bing!) Research does not change in the future.

For now, Google is a matter of jumping and how high it is.

How to reduce the effects of updates on an algorithm?

To keep this message very dark, I want to share some ways that websites can use to improve Google algorithm updates and reduce the dependence on Google’s natural traffic.

1.“Create interesting content” – Google algorithm update resistant SEO strategy

After updating the main algorithm, Google’s advice may feel like a wet fish, but it is not a suggestion that can be ignored. You might try if you have not done it yet. The material is KingTM, everything …

But seriously, while it is necessary to understand Google algorithm updates and effects, we may need to be lighter because the community needs to focus on providing long-term strategies.

In the case of updating the June algorithms, we should know that we can expect a flow in organic traffic. Yes, we should read a sustainable analysis to show general trends due to the update.

However, this information should be included in a long-term search strategy rather than taking short-term steps to avail new opportunities or restore deprived classes.

Suppose you invest in a reasonable long-term perspective for organizational findings that offer high-performance websites that offer high-quality content and rich experience to visitors. In that case, you do not benefit from major algorithm updates. Will get.

  1. Sound long-term strategy over short-term tactics

Ideal search engine optimization strategy should be easy to spread, but what does it mean that you have to face the cruel fact of killing an algorithm like CNN?

If the update algorithm does not fully destroy your website and your business, these websites should focus on the following focus:

  • How do they investigate?
  • How does the suspension of Google help you develop a long and less dangerous strategy?

In the NCC case, it is unusual to reduce the two organic sites to provide maximum and more organic traffic. Google did not hit the CCN, and the bad plan is to do it.

If a core algorithm update can wipe out your performance, you were *always* doing it wrong / not good enough. You were getting away with it.

It may be too late, but the CCN must prepare a strategy to address the following questions (thanks to Dan Shure for their views):

  • To reduce the ratio of organic traffic to your most popular pages, these pages focus on Bactko’s price.
  • Reduce the dependence on organic traffic by promoting traffic from other sources.
  • View your links, unions and redirect methods.

I spent about 10 mins looking into the CCN traffic drop.. & have a few thoughts. Disclaimer: a proper SEO analysis requires a lot of time, critical thinking, and internal data – so take this with a grain of salt, but also I get to look at / analyze a LOT of sites as a consultant

The iceberg tip may be represented in this list, but the problem is that the CCCs have major problems that must be resolved, which can see as the result of the last updated final algorithms.

Yes, Google should be taken responsibly and work harder to communicate more transparently with the research sector. Still, it is not an excuse for publishers to make a bad foundation for their business.

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  1. Be selective in who you work with and for – Google algorithm update-resistant SEO strategy.

In search of things from a personal perspective, we should be more selective and essential to the websites we’ve contacted.

When looking for new opportunities, if you want to integrate internal institutions, agencies, subcontractors or new customers, you should estimate the following questions to potential companies and their websites:

  • Depending on what website and business income?
  • What is the instability of the company’s main source of income?
  • How can companies integrate and implement how to identify and apply mistakes and change their strategies dynamically and flexibly in an increasingly changing environment?
  • Is the company a viable long-term approach, and does your website always provide future value in the future?

We need to know more about these long-term and long-term companies we assert and follow.

  1. Encourage return encouragement and make brands.

From my personal experience, I had come to work on a website that was looking for an ahistorically highly competitive market.

I’ve successfully used the site’s current success and diversifying site revenue sources, which has significantly increased its organic traffic to a new height.

I am proud of this website’s optimization and development, but the problem is that this success is based on biological research visitors.

Despite high traffic on this site, visitors are just because they are ranked well.

At this time, it may have a relatively low-level failure, but I need to convince the administration at the time of investing in guests with time and resources.

They do not know how fast Google Search is, but they are happy to make a good rating.

After many years, site research continues to work well, but it is impossible to maximize the extraordinary level of organic traffic, not even a big brand in a mailing list. Is!

Todays have the opportunity to work on a similar website with a company with this company, so I would not answer the above questions about the habit because we would look at other places. Is.

  1. Collaborate with other ministries to adopt a broader perspective

SEO’s future is just added to other articles.

SEO is one of the most important to collaborate and understand the challenges of other commercial and marketing functions closely related to it.

Search Engine Optimization is combined with Pad Search, CRO, user experience, public relations and development, but do not mention extensive business interests.

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Consequently, research teams consider their position in the organization more closely to establish strong relationships with other teams and work with them to build a healthy foundation and reduce their dependence. Should. Organic traffic and flow.

Examples of potentially elaborate possibilities for SEO are the recent results published in questioned questions:

The unintended consequence of adding FAQ schema. It looks so pretty in the SERP… but where did all our traffic go? The example above shows that implementing often-asked question patterns usually leads to a decrease in organic clicks, which is considered negative from an SEO perspective.

However, other teams can consider it successful because the problem is clicking on the site itself to answer the visibility and answer without the problem.

For some issues, it may be a better experience for the user because users can get a faster response. As the problem (and related issues) look more, it can also reduce the number of requests for help received.

As we learn more about the success of working with other business functions and the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) adjustment, we can make sites with better results and consistent digital activities to achieve our goals. Common

Conclusion – Google algorithm update resistant SEO strategy

This article is a partial list of websites and how companies can update their algorithmic, increase their resistance to organic traffic and reduce their dependency on traffic.

We must be liable to Google in every prohibited way, but we must pay attention to doing digital business through a long-term plan.

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Companies who do not trust the third-party black box.

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