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 If you edit a content item on your site by changing its title, will it reduce traffic? Does Google think it’s an attempt to play in the system? We recently changed the name of some articles on the site and found that the traffic has dropped dramatically. What do you think?

The simple answer to this question is yes; a name change can lead to a downgrade.

Although this is not the case, Google does not consider this a way to play the system. Because it must use, a title tag and the page’s words and content are coherent.

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Title tags & rankings

While the title tag used to be one of the few ways Google could determine page rank based on content and keywords, this is not the case today.

However, the headline is one of the best ways Google can decide which page to rate.

The title tag in wild

The latest distillation tweet shows that removing a header tag from a keyword can significantly impact the site’s ability to classify a word, even if that word implies it on the website.

During a recent conference, Search Love Distilled tweeted a utility that removed an “online” tag from a good website, presumably online.

This shows that while Google adds options, synonyms, context and machine learning to interpret and understand the page’s content, title tags are equally important.

If a high-flow keyword is in the title tag and you sort it, you do not want to delete it.

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There is always an exception.

Suppose you do not change the page content to a location that no longer matches the title tag. In this case, Google may identify the discrepancy. And move the page in the questionnaire to the title of the site.

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This could be a better business example if you have an excellent rating page that generates traffic and wants to change the content completely. Create a new page with a title that matches the original question.

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