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5 Key Considerations When Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns
 Influencer marketing is growing fast. It is certainly an area of marketing you desire to start thinking about.

When it comes to influencing marketing, it is more than paying people with many supporters to spread their marketing message. He got influence.

On July 10, I participated in the SEJ ThinkTank webinar to discuss how influential marketing works and how advertisers can use it effectively.

Below is a summary of the presentation.

Influencer marketing is where you identify and attract people who can give you high visibility, participation, and conversion for your product or service.

It has become a career path for many people, especially for children who admire influential people as they grow up.

According to statistics:

  • 70%of young people rely on more influential people than traditional celebrities.
  • Four out of ten say influential people feel better than their friends.
  • Six out of ten people said they would follow the advice of the flu and buy something.
  • 49%trust influential people to recommend their products (56% trust friends).
  • 40%of people buy online based on influential recommendations.

The return on investment from influential marketing exceeds all traditional support. That’s why utilizing this opportunity ideally is suitable for most companies.

There are five things to consider before you start your influencer marketing campaign.

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  1. Find the right influences.

Today, the biggest challenge is marketers finding the proper authority.

We discuss this psychological connection with someone when we talk about real influence.

We believe this person is like a friend. For example, when you look at someone behind someone, you have the impression that you can connect to that person on a personal level.

On Instagram, people publish stories and show you their lives all day long: what drinks they drink and where they go out. They often do this kind of dialogue, and they make you think you know this person.

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This is a similar situation on YouTube. You begin to think that you know someone because you see their reaction and their tone, and you see them in a very healthy environment.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, most Americans use YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Among the three platforms, Instagram and YouTube are the two best places to find the influences you can use. It is because these channels can look personal to the influencer and his daily life:

  • The video seems very peculiar.
  • The story is personal.

Not all influences have influence.

To successfully carry out flu marketing, you can only work with influencers. You must find the person who uses your product/service because:

  • They will talk about it better.
  • Your audience is more likely to buy.
  • They will continue to talk about it.

It would help if you also remembered the following:

  • Is whois personal?
  • Do your ads appear natural or obvious?
  • Do they have unbranded advertising?
  • What is your typical ad volume?
  1. Some Influencers Influence Influencers

You can find a high person who is a leader in your field.

Even influencers will target more significant influencers. We call this the “Jordan effect” because all participants in a particular department go to someone.

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The influence will likely work with you if a superior has already done so.

  1. The cost of influencers

Have you ever thought about how much it would cost to work with that influential One?

Here are some estimates.

  • Micro-influencers($ 10,000 to $ 50,000) = $ 250 to $ 1,000
  • Influenza(50,000 to 250,000) = $ 1,000 to $ 5,000
  • Influenza(250,000 to 1,000) = $ 5,000 to $ 10,000
  • Influenza(more than 1 million) = $ 10,000 or more, depending on the campaign, up to $250,000
  • SelenaGomez = $ 550,000 per person
  • KimKardashian = $ 500,000 per publication
  • CristianoRonaldo = $ 400,000 per person

But when you consider the cost to be spent, I propose another approach. We control the influence value of the flu when determining cost per user.

Our idea is to determine the real cost to the people who can be affected by the campaign’s news.

In the example above, an influence can have 25,000 subscribers, and each campaign requires $ 1000 to work with, but when its power is released, 25,000 people will not see it.

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You can determine each participation rate by checking your last 30 unanswered emails and the latest sponsored email, allowing you to average two potential users (PEUC).

Let’s say the flu has promised 8% of his last 30 organic messages and 5% of his latest sponsored words. We will have about 1625 potential users if we accept them on average. This is the group of users with whom we can relate.

We divide the amount by $ 1,000 for $ 1,625, and then we get $ 0.62 per participating user. Now we have a real number we can consider when marketing campaigns.

If the cost of the division of PEUC, you will get the price per user (CPEU), you can compare other CPEU channels to determine if it is meaningful for the work of this flu.

Some other tips for evaluating the marketing cost of influential people:

  • Some influencers (especially micro-influencers) will use the product for payment, especially if they find someone who naturally likes their product. Pay the price; it increases as the influence and audience grow.
  • Identify micro-influenza and early growth influences.
  • UseSocialBlade (or something similar) to track growth and engagement.
  • Think about the months to determine the right influence.
  • Work with them as soon as possible and grow with them!
  • They always remember you and hope to do more for you.
  • They’re less affected by requests.
  • They’re more likely to keep it at a lower interest rate in the future.
  • As they grow, they increase (as friends do).
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices, but be fair and transparent.
  • Consider starting an event and participating in an important event. Do not try to sell it; log in, and create a real connection. Talk about your product and give it to those if you can.
  1. The ROI of Influencer Marketing

Most companies use engagement and participation costs to track the return on investment of influential people’s marketing campaigns. Coupon codes and tracking are alternatives, but following them can take a lot of work.

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Brand promotion is very useful in influencing marketing. When you do not sit down at work, you can reduce people by failure and maintain relationships with influential people.

Other tips

  • Set up your account to keep you sticky and keep people who wait to convert immediately.
  • Avoid selling publications. (Show but doesn’t work hard.)
  • Offer something for everyone (at least in your niche).
  • Give them every reason to follow you.
  • Affecting the channels is like a TV channel.
  • The more relevant channels you use, the better.
  • Keep your relevance.
  • Do not drive and stop; continue, and continue to be relevant!
  • Use micro and macro influenza.
Question and Answer

Question: Is it more natural or useful to influence influential people through influential marketing agencies (such as Mediakix or Pulse) than influential internal people?

A: It depends on the agent and his delivery options. Every service company can have more experience and resources to handle the jobs they employ, but as we have seen throughout the industry, it only sometimes means that she is doing well.

Also, agents or agents may have more contacts and contacts that you have yet to think of, as well as colleagues who may have other contacts in your area that can do.

I will talk to them about this and then decide if the cost of the agent for internal resources is worth it.

Note I have never used Mediakix, Pulse, or any other similar network. So, I need to get personal advice on their abilities.

Q: We have some micro-influenza that are not currently paying (and we agree). How long should we give them free products, promotional items, etc.?

A: As I mentioned in my speech, you should pay influential people who want to stay and work with you in the future, but every company should make that decision.

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Indeed, the frequency with which the product is delivered depends on several factors, such as:

  • The product changes regularly if it is updated with features or designs.
  • Whether you are tired, something transient.
  • For example, if you want them to run a campaign or talk about your product, you need a calendar of influence and marketing campaigns to sync accordingly.

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