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 When it comes to a website, it has a lot of internal ratings, including backlinks provided by Google made up of hundreds of ranking factors, so improvements to the other signals might affect the website’s position.

So, what methods can you use to improve this value and positioning?

1. Site Crawl & Indexing Improvements

Ask yourself:

  • Google crawl your page well?
  • Is there a spindle trap or redirection loop?
  • How does your canonical work?
  • Have you created a barrier that can remove Google from your site?

Use tools like Screaming Frog to ensure your site is appropriately scanned and has a mobile representative.

Even if you still need to move to a mobile directory, you do it quickly, and it’s essential to understand how your site crawled.

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2. Schema

Although architecture is not part of the direct placement, it is part of the page within the selected clip. It would help if you looked at the graphics to find the best site for you and your schedule.

Google prefers the JSON-LD version. Note that the chart’s content must not contain content that differs from the page’s. Google believes that the content is hidden and that your site may receive manual action.

  1. Increase Page Speed – Backlinks

According to Google, page speed is an essential factor. While some authors may tell us what works, Google is known for the speed of its pages.

Now they say this is just a decisive game. This means that when Google retrieves a document for querying search results and everything else responds, the pages with the best page speed are the factor that allows Google to decide which site to display first.

Google didn’t tell you that when your page speed signal was good, it was just an important game. However, if your site is stagnant, solving this problem can result in more than 100% or more traffic growth.

What’s the problem with “permission”?

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Google won’t tell us more, but if you test your site with Google’s specifications(User-Agent 3G, Nexus 5+). The DOM takes more than 4-5 seconds after afterloading the entire page for more than 10 seconds (Document Object Model –essential In addition to HTML code and dependencies, this speed increase of at least 50% can lead to significant directional and traffic improvements.

Use the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool to see your ranking in this area.

4. Content Relevancy & On-Page Optimization

The relevance of the content begins with the title tag. If you are looking for a query, a title tag is always one of the best places to add it.

Use the basic terminology of the question and leave the essential words to the left(LTR, RTL to the right).

Although Google uses the width (pixels) to determine the length of this tag, if you use spaces with words less than 60 characters, you will have to adjust the reserved space in search results almost 100%, without the effective “.”

Next, you should ensure you have optimized the items on the page. These would be:


H1 tags matter.

first paragraph

Previously, Google almost mentioned the keywords in the first paragraph to better rank the site (the so-called TF-IDF). However, this is considered unnecessary as they progress in interpreting the language.

However, it is always good to send a signal to the top of the page content to google and users.

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All Attributes of the Image.

Note that they should not be sent as spam. You can even do this manually, but if your backlinks to an image, this feature is the same as the feature where you place the correct anchor text on the backlinks.

Using Google’s latest image search approach, you also need to ensure they are optimized for other support.

Remember that these tags are primarily intended for people with disabilities and that you must follow the WCAG accessibility guidelines to ensure proper implementation.

CaptionAround the Image.

Google uses subtitles and contexts to improve its ranking in image searches. So, remember to add them to your page as much as possible.


This seems self-evident, but surprisingly, this is often overlooked. Remember to mention the terminology query used to determine site traffic.

The problem we found was that the customer needed to use the terminology for the question, but only part of it, and then did not indicate that he wanted to see the entire duration of the site’s ranking.

The problem is Google needs to explain the meaning of the language many people believe in.

Therefore, if you sell sneakers and publish a photo of a sneaker while running, you understand that the goal is to talk about sneakers. But Google doesn’t want to ask for a sneaker rating.

The saying goes, “Talk to me like I am 5 years old!” For Google, this is more than six months.

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  1. AMP – Backlinks

Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) alone do not promote ranking, but some sites require them.

For example, to join the News Carousel, you must have an AMP page in addition to Google News; otherwise, you will not be able to watch it. The same goes for AMP history. So use AMP to get to the top of the page that hadn’t been opened before.

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