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 Facebook is releasing several updates to Business Manager designed to go with the new features released earlier this year.

Thanks to the new design and navigation, users can more easily manage assets and privileges in Business Manager. Facebook recently announced updates to its Business Manager platform, which includes improvements to design and navigation. These updates are aimed at making it easier for businesses to manage their social media presence and ads on Facebook.

When you open a new Enterprise Manager, you see a new shortcut that quickly accesses various sections based on past actions. One of the main changes is a redesigned interface that aims to simplify the navigation process. The new design includes a sidebar menu with quick access to common tasks such as ad creation, audience targeting, and account settings. This menu can be customized to fit the specific needs of each user, allowing for a personalized experience. Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool for managing social media accounts and advertising campaigns. It provides a centralized platform for managing multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts, making it easier for businesses to control and organize their social media presence.

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These are other items for the commercial manager included in this update:

Ad creation: a new advertising creation tool directs users directly to the advertising management system to create advertising.

Business Asset Groups: Group your Facebook pages, advertising accounts, pixels, and other resources so you can manage all rights simultaneously.

Onboarding: a new tool that facilitates the visualization of all partners, the combination of new partners, and access to assets.

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