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 Snapchat is introducing a new ad creation tool, Instant Create, which provides an easy way to develop Snapchat-optimized ads.

Ads can be created in three steps:

  • Select goals: You can increase network visits, install applications, or visa applications.
  • Go to the company website.
  • Please, select the location.

You can then publish the announcement.

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According to Snapchat, this tool is designed for advertisers with limited resources to be familiar with Snapchat ads.

When creating a campaign, you can access this tool by choosing to Create on the go.

While Snapchat says it’s better suited for multiple ad units, creating one immediately for an ad is more effective, but there are also advanced creative options.

What About Creative or Ad Creation Tools?

You do not need to create your ads for your ads because they all run automatically.

Enter your company’s URL and compose your own by completing a photo directly from the site.

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You can also upload your images if needed. You can also access the most popular ad creative templates.

Currently, instant creation only supports instant ads. Self-service ad management provides immediate creation to all advertisers.

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