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 Microsoft Ads is releasing campaign-level associations, which will make it easier, as well as uncomplicated, to put in audience targeting.

In the past, audience targeting only applied at the ad group level.

If you have multiple ad groups in your Campaign, you’ll need to change them individually for each ad group.

You can now apply available targeting at the campaign level. Applies to all ad groups in the Campaign.

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To start a campaign-level partnership:

  • On the Campaigns page, click the Audiences tab.
  • Click Create association.
  • To use campaign-level associations, select Campaign.
  • Select the audiences you want to associate with, set targeting setting and add bid adjustments.
  • Click Save to finish the setup.

On the Public tab, you can view and manage associations for all audience groups.

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If you have any ad group-specific targeting links, you’ll be prompted to add campaign-level targeting links by deleting all existing ad group links.

Similarly, moving from a campaign-level association to an ad group organization, you’ll need to remove the campaign-level link.

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Microsoft Ads has stated that exceptions are allowed for campaigns and ad groups.

This update is implemented globally. Some users have instant access, but only in mid-August.

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