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 Facebook requires that advertisers make use of a new process in ads manager when it comes to buying related to housing, employment, and credit.

This new process is intended for US advertisers. UU. Or use ads to reach an American audience. UU.

Housing, employment, and credit hold in specific ad categories, and targeting options are now limited in advertising management systems.

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In the future, these ads will not be targeted in the ads manager as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Zip code
  • Multicultural affinity
  • Any detailed options describing or appearing to relate to protected characteristics.

Now for advertisers who want to reach American users. UU. They must choose the ad category in Ad Manager when buying ads that offer home, job, or credit. If you don’t select any of these categories, your ad won’t show.

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Facebook implements these changes for most of the automated review process, which reviewers manually support.

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Advertisers using special ad categories will no longer have access to Lookalike audiences. Instead, advertisers can create “special ad interviews” based on similar public behavior, considering factors such as age, gender, or zip code.

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Facebook said it would make these changes to prevent discrimination:

“There is no discrimination on Facebook, and our advertising policy has long prohibited illegal discrimination. To implement this policy, all advertisers, regardless of the type of ad we publish, must review and approve our non-discrimination strategy. 

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