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 Pinterest is making it easy and making it possible for advertisers to create, as well as edit, ad campaigns with new tools improved for mobile.

The new mobile advertising tool is based on a self-service tool implemented by Pinterest last year.

With the mobile ad tool, you can easily create an ad bookmark using built-in targeting parameters that provide a simple ad design.

A One Sol is a digital marketing company offering Pakistan’s social media advertising services.

Other features include:

  • Adjust budgets and goals
  • Pauses
  • Please change your target URL and campaign name.
  • View statistics such as ad costs, remaining campaign time, impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, and backups.

In the ad campaigns, the company explains:

“With mobile advertising tools, businesses can increase brand awareness, increase productivity, and attract new customers to their budgets. So, companies such as FOUNT, Little Blue Olive, and Kaitlyn Albani teacher of Elementary School have already seen their first test results.”

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Pinterest marketers can initiate mobile ads by:

  • Select your bookmark in your company profile.
  • Specify automatic or custom targeting options.
  • Seta daily budget
  • Set date range
  • Enter billing information
  • Post Ads

So, that’s all. However, each company can sell one of the results from a mobile device in a few simple steps.

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