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 9 SEO analogies to tell your client or boss. When you are doing SEO, how you discuss your SEO efforts can be just as essential as doing them in actuality.

There is no shortage of ways that you could explain SEO.

But to illustrate the evil, your boss or client can be misunderstood when you want to describe something completely different.

Fortunately, some prejudice can solve some of the most complicated space issues.

Although you can talk about SEO and compatibility all day, I’m limited to being part of every SEO activity’s success. I should be doing some of the SEO basics.

Otherwise, this is a monster of an article.

Let’s see a bit of discrimination; you can use it to help you analyze search engine optimization, and even a layer can understand.

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SEO is like a box of chocolateFamousmovie references – You know what my reference means, okay?

The search engine positioning is very good with a box of chocolate, even sweet, depending on it.

Everyone loves chocolate. But everyone does not likes the idea of ​​SEO.

If we allow those who want to understand the complex field of study, SEO is more likely to understand how to do this.

Here are some that can make these frequencies:

When someone describes your work and how to change it in the results, an example of using chocolate frequency is:

“Imagine, HTTPS: // Transfer, Content, Linksand Site Audit cannot itself be soft, the results cannot produce results like abox, but when combined, can become very powerful SEO sweet the taste. “

“You do not use broccoli and chocolate, do not use chocolates and rice together, cannot hand in hand in the same way for our current approach with chocolate, rice and broccoli, right together? Likerice and broccoli. Now, chocolate is excellent if we use raspberries, strawberries, rice, and broccoli instead of strawberry. It’s similar to the broken links of “broken links” on inappropriate and interesting content.

“SEO is your kind of HTTPS security mixturelike a chocolate cart. // start (rich black chocolate), rich material(chocolate beans), good touch (good black chocolate) and excellent techniqueSEO (chocolate turf cream).) What is the SEO amazing production of amazing SEOactivities? “

  1. SEO opinions are Like brains: Everybody has one

People who need to learn what I was talking about were: With little hindrance of admission to the SEO, it is very important that only one thing you should realize it might be destructive for any SEO work.

Does this mean you should believe that a person knows how to express accounts like none?


However, it would be best if you were sure that the strategic use of people’s approaches and the results could be used as evidence of your efforts.

You must also be sure to provide the right information, not only to give it an attractive appearance.

When you know very little about SEO, can you ensure you have the right information and knowledge of SEO?

Usually, those who may be fully transparent about SEO’s efforts and provide accurate information, but only sometimes.

Those people who are not ready to hide are ready to hide; they take action, so they are not in the dark and remain; that is what they trust.

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All links have been created. All SEO websites are offered. The client must be transparent to review everything.

You do not have to use it to get information that is useful for you.

  1. SEO is like a game: towards the first stage of the game

SEO is like a game

In addition to this game, you have many types of cars, such as:

  • Car# 1: Material
  • Car# 2: Link Building
  • Car# 3: Technology Search Engine Optimization
  • Car# 4: Social Networks
  • Car# 5: keyword research

Also, cars do not compete with each other. They compete together and try to set everyone at that place.

Once you’ve succeeded in the field, you can help your traffic and classify.

Commonequality is status + flow = conversion.

When you apply the appropriate SEO technique and give them enough time, you can expect to impress their rating.

Your biggest position can affect your traffic.

When you have both ratings and traffic, you get high conversions.

So, you should have a runner’s spirit.

Everyone is fighting to compete for the highest rating in this competitive place.

Those who can maintain legal justification and retain Google in this game while fasting it.

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  1. SEO is like a big cookie – SEO Analogies

Well, this frequency may not be a box of chocolate. But listen to me.

You have chocolate chips, cookie dough and other ingredients.

Keep them together; what do you get?

A sweet mix that is difficult to apply.

If you believe in a big cookie, you can bring some social evidence to it and discuss social networks.

This is true for SEO.

If you make the right combination of ingredients in an SEO campaign, you may need more places to reach traffic and conversions.

Is SEO not the purpose of the activities?

Suchcookies are broken!

  1. SEO is like a game of golf – SEO Analogies

SEO can be like golf in many ways. Here are some examples:

A well-known golf frequency is the organic carbonate effect. When everyone’s low performance, everyone feels bad.

It’s more relevant to your SEO rivals.

For example, in a competitive analysis, you will find that some competitors only include a little better than you, and your SEO activities include competitive elements.

Think of golf if you describe the bass and why you have to do things at competitive levels.

So, minimize, only work with a proposal for one, or sell property, help you meet and exceed what your competitors are doing and what you are asked to be experienced. Can “Carnoustie Spread Impact”?

This effect will be very bad when all is working at the same level. No one will be able to improve traffic or other important performance as everyone tries to do the same.

If you want to be an important candidate, then a balance of SEO strategy is necessary.

  1. SEO is like a party – SEO Analogies
  • In many cases, SEO looks like a party.
  • You have a cake – a link.
  • You have good – content
  • You have social aspects: social networks, meetings, and relationships with the industry.
  • You are competing: Find keywords, search for rivals, and do industrial investigations when necessary.

Put them together, and you can easily see how SEO looks like a party.

When all the SEO elements run separately, important results are not important for your SEO activities.

However, when combined, you can finally see the SEO results.

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  1. SEO is like a video game – SEO Analogies


SEO can be considered a video game.

Ofcourse, it depends on the type of game, but you are usually in a video game follows:

  • The role
  • Abad person
  • Some things that should be researched should be “updated” and get a reference.
  • Some goals that the Siege must be “Promoted” in different game stages.

Who is the main role of this SEO video game? You (Solo Mode) or your SEO team(Multi-mode mode).

Who is the bad boy? It’s your competition. Can it be your real competitive and your MrSERP? But if you’re really expert, you know that Google is a really bad guy. 🤣

You must do specific steps to “update” (for example, increase traffic, experience and permissions).

It is important to meet some goals of the various steps of reference activities to cover them (for example, materials, links, essentially developing new sites, diagnosis of technical references and other elements).

  1. SEO is like a mysterious solution that needs to be solved

Ofcourse, solving any new SEO activity seems to be a mystery.

Every time a customer wins, he must be careful and seekable.

To solve mysteries: What key keywords can I compete with after applying some SEO elements?

And you should apply the SEO elements, and how far should they apply?

In addition, other mysteries are randomly visible on every possible occasion.

You must be careful with certification (good luck!) And update the algorithms.

Updates you should keep in mind are using your site, industry, etc.

You will not have to pay attention to every updated Update on a website, although it may be useful for adjusting and adjusting.

However, Google’s search engine continues to develop in their technology, becoming more important and dependent on their industry.

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  1. SEO is like farming – SEO Analogies

Agriculture is a long-term business, and farmers need to understand all aspects of their business.

By gardening, from the prosperity of animals with agricultural equipment: If one of the foundations fails, the farmer may take it without crop or other precious items.

If this happens often, farmers may be able to lose the whole form.

Like Search Engine Optimization: If you do not implement the project before Google Update, you can view your foundation crash under your weight and get updates without much proof.

If you ignore the SEO for a long time and Google Update appears, you can lose your site’s full location.

This is especially true when Google makes important updates, and many sites are affected.

If you handle your website properly, you can lose site performance completely.

How do you talk to your customers and your boss that SEO is as important as SEO or not?

I can talk about the SEO preacher all day and explain details about each aspect, as the least common domain controller can understand.

If you focus on communicating your efforts to your boss or your customers, you can feel that a different world will consider you that it is a great thing or someone else cannot.

It is the basic skill that customers and their owners need to have every SEOpresenting data.

There are several reasons for this:

This is only sometimes the case that the boss is more than SEO. In most cases, the Boss SEO knows less than the discovery.

Therefore, the level of bass and client expertise should always be evaluated. Whatever is said is not always the case.

You talk more about SEO, your results and success, and the better you can answer your customer’s or your boss’s questions.

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