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 LinkedIn now comes up with a central hub for actionable marketing insights.

LinkedIn has launched a new ideas page and research to help marketers make informed decisions about their strategies on social networks.

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According to LinkedIn, this resource will help guide social media marketing strategies based on complete knowledge of LinkedIn’s audience, industry, and advertising.

The new LinkedIn Insight and Research page is divided into three sections.

People Insights

In this section, marketers can learn more about LinkedIn’s global audience, who they are, where they come from, and the links they interact with. The information in this section can be filtered by job title (managers, small business owners, IT decision-makers, etc.).

Industry Overview

This section contains information, trends, and research on LinkedIn’s marketing opportunities. You can filter data by a specific vertical.

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The following are examples of information in this section:

  • Data from various industries, including financial services, technology and medical care.
  • AdvancedB2B marketing trends, including conflicting ideas that set your business apart from the competition.
  • It is explores management thinking and its significant impact on different stages of audience and buyer.

Advertising Overview – Actionable Marketing Insights

This section helps marketers understand the LinkedIn advertising environment to measure and maximize their marketing impact.

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Here are some examples of ad information:

  • Performance measurement methods help marketers better align advertising strategies with key business goals.
  • Learn branding techniques, strategies, and platform information.
  • Investigate and recommend consistency in sales and marketing to develop a consistent strategy for LinkedIn.

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