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Google made known that they must be hosting free conferences worldwide. The goal is to bring search-related information directly to peeps in underserved areas straight into their own country and in their language. Each event would be completely free.

Google is busy publishing more details of future webmaster conferences across communities around the world.

What are Webmaster Conferences?

WebmasterMeeting Webmaster is designed to meet the needs of the community.

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According to Google:

“These activities are primarily located whereGoogle is searching hard to access search or information on search results, orwhere particular search activity is required, for example, if we determine thatThere is a problem with the pirate’s website in a specific area. We can focuson this specific topic. “Activities.

Webmastersmeeting in Europe and North America

Google noted that the event would be in Europe and North America. No date or place should be announced.

According to Google announcement:

“After this year we will host an onlinecommunity in Europe and North America, so be careful about advertising!”

WebmasterConference held in Japan in March and April 2019

Google hosted a webmaster conference in Oklahoma and Pukka, Japan, in March and April 2019. Gary Alice and many Japanese Google employees attended the conference.

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The Webmaster Conference meeting in Japan includes:

  • NewSearch Console and Long-Term Web Help.
  • Searchfor Google Photos

Meet web admins in India and Indonesia

From June 17, 201 9, to August 9, 2019, 15 webmaster conferences will be held in India. Indonesia will host two events.

The complete list of meetings and the Indian Conference Registration is available here.

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According to the official announcement of the incident in India:

“We are conducting a webmaster conference by 2019 (now Google search conference name) because Google is committed to generating and discovering content in local languages.” This conference is fast-breaking series of 15 cities in India. … 

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