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 A new study of 45,000 local businesses shows how customers discover and interact with Google My Business listings.

A new Bright Local Google My Business study investigates knowledge trends in 36 different industries in 4 countries.

The study aims to set reference points for profile ideas, searches, operations, photos, calls, and general development.

It is some key study results.

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The average business is found over 1000 times per month.

On average, a company searches for 1,009 per month. About 33 times a day.

Every day, there are 33 ways for your customers to have proper feedback with your Google My Business profile.

84% of their searches were exposed to any business or company name.

Most(75%) local companies find search engines, and the remaining 25% use Google Maps.

An average conversion rate of 5%

The company receives 59 shares per month from its Google My Business Listings.

As the title suggests, Google will change clicks, calls, or directions from approximately 5 per cent of the website to my business listings.

It seems small, but it has increased by 25% between 2017 and 2018, from 3.87% to 4.83%.

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A positive correlation between images and views

Google is more likely to have more images on my company’s list.

The average image of the hotel is 150, most of all professional types. The hotel is at the top of this list, with the highest mountain view (13,042) and maps(14,434).

On the contrary, the pictures of the photos are 11 at all segments, and the standard search terms are 943.

Searches and clicks are up.

In a comparison of Google My Business Analysis from 2017 to 2018, this study increased 38%increase in search and 6% in discovery research.

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Also, the number of clicks on GMB’s list of websites has increased by 2 per cent, and the number of calls increased by 22 per cent.


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